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Daily Dog Walking

“Buddy Walk” (a 30-minute walk with your pup and a friend in the same building, complex, or on the same block) is only $12 per dog! Talk to your neighbors & give us a call to get everything set up for this brand-new service.

Express Walk AKA Potty Break (up to 15 minutes)
$15.00 per walk for 1-3 days a week
$14.00 per walk for 3-5 days a week*

Standard Walk (30 minutes)
$18.00 per walk for 1-2 times a week
$17.00 per walk for 3-5 times a week*

Extended Walk (45 minutes)
$22.00 per walk for 1-3 a week
$21.00 per walk for 4-5 or more times a week*

Super Walk (a full hour)
$28.00 per walk for 1-3 a week
$25.00 per walk for 3-5 or more times a week*

*Please note: The discounted rate for multiple days is valid only for regular, recurring, monthly clients and only if payed in advance. In all other cases, regular dog walking rates apply. Multiple discounts can not be applied. Thanks for your understanding.

Dog Running

Each session will start with a warm up walk, which will progress into a jog/run and end with a cool down walk. The session lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. If at any time we detect signs of dehydration, fatigue or overexertion in your dog we will stop immediately.

Running sessions start and end at your home. We will provide different routes to keep your dog’s attention and ensure as much stimulation as possible.


*This service is now available in ALL areas!

Miscellaneous Fees

Key Fee:

$15.00 per drop-off/pick-up (if we need to schedule a key collection / drop-off AFTER the initial consultation or independent of any scheduled services)

Additional Pets:

$5.00 each (for anyone beyond the 2 dogs + 2 cats we include in our rates)

Urgent Care:

$15.00 (may be applied when service is requested within 24 hours of start date for established clients or 3 days before the start date for new clients)

Early AM/Late PM visits:

$5.00 charge for visits scheduled between 10pm and 7am

Holidays: $15.00 additional per day. (Holidays Include: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day.)

Cancellation Fees:

Daily Dog Walks: (cost of walk) if cancelled AFTER 3PM the day prior to the scheduled walk.

Drop-In Pet Sitting Visits: (50% of total) –If less than 72 hour notice.

Overnight Pet Sitting: (100% of total) – If less than 7 days notice.

Initial Consultation: Free up to 45 minutes.

Additional Consultation:

$15.00 per 30 minutes (unless arranged with management)



Vacation Pet Sitting (Drop-In Care)

Express Pet Sitting Visit AKA Potty Break

(15 minutes) $16.00

(This service must be scheduled 2x per day or in conjunction with additional services)

Standard Pet Sitting Visit

(30 minutes) $19.00

Extended Pet Sitting Visit

(45 minutes) $23.00

Super Pet Sitting Visit

(a full hour) $30.00

*These rates apply to families with up to 2 dogs or 3 cats, or a similar combination of the two. A $5.00 fee per each additional pet may be applied.

**Discounts may be available for extended trips (13+ days). Please inquire when scheduling.

Overnight Pet Sitting / House sitting (Live-In Care)

All-Inclusive Overnight Pet Sitting

$65 per night (Overnight pet sitting includes a minimum of: the evening pet care routine between 4-7p.m., an overnight stay (check-in by 10p.m.), and the morning pet care routine (6-9a.m.). If an additional mid-day walk is needed, an additional fee per visit may apply.

Super Overnight Pet Sitting

Our overnight pet sitting option, above, including a 30-minute mid-day walk. With this option, your pets won’t be without a friend for more than 4-5 hours, maximum, at any time during the day or night. This is our most popular option!

24 Hour Stay in Your Home

We also now offer a 24 hour a day pet sitting option. Please inquire about services and rates with our Client Services Manager.

*Discounts may be available for extended trips (13+ days).

Please inquire when scheduling.

Additional Services

Pet Taxi

$15.00 ignition fee + $1.00 per mile

Welcome Home Service

$15.00 fee plus cost of groceries (up to 10 items)

Pet Goods Delivery

$15.00 fee plus cost of goods if delivery coincides
with home visits

$25.00 fee plus cost of goods if independent of
scheduled home visits

Attendant Service

$30 per hour.

Home Security Visits

$15.00 per visit

We understand that you may have a unique pet-care situation. We are happy to speak with you to determine a custom quote for you and your family.