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Established in 2001, Hot Diggity! Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services is a locally, independently, owned and operated business. We have been featured in multiple newspapers including The Oregonian, and numerous periodicals and small business programs. With over 15 years of experience in the Pet Sitting Industry, Hot Diggity! has worked with thousands of families, meeting the needs of everyone from dog and cat owners to horse racers and small farms. We are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured, and members of Pet Sitters International. Every member of our team has experience in Pet First-Aid and we have positive relationships with many trainers, groomers, veterinarians and pet hospitals throughout the Portland Metro Area. Most important, though, is that we love our job and thrive in it. Read on for our bios.

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April Sunrise April is the founder of Hot Diggity! Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services. Born and raised in Southeast Portland, April has enjoyed being part of the ever-changing landscape of her favorite city. She has a wide range of experiences with pets from farm animals to household friends and is associated with Amigos de Animales, the Humane Society, and ASPCA among other groups working to help the animal kingdom. With a BA in English and Business Management and an MFA in Writing, she enjoys all aspects of running a thriving business and would like to say “Thank you” to the many clients and friends who have helped make it all possible.
Elizabeth is a native to the PNW and a life-long animal lover. She’s been a professional pet sitter from San Francisco to Montpelier, VT. Her mid-twenties even found her barn sitting for alpacas and milking in a small organic dairy. She began with Hot Diggity! a few years ago as a dog walker and pet sitter. Today, you can find her working full time in the Hot Diggity! office and fulfilling her dream of running her own homestead outside of the city. In her free-time, you can find her on hoping a Gampr might show up one day and oogling German Shepherd mixes, stocking her vintage Etsy shop, gardening, or sewing dresses from her own design!
Morgan’s best life was when Giga Pets were all the rage as they combined her two favorite things: dogs and computers. Now that the days of Giga Pets have passed, she spends her days tending to the administrative side of Hot Diggity! and her nights tending to her fur babies. In her spare time, she studies Computer Science, where she hopes to become a virtual super hero (because spandex doesn’t work for her, so becoming a real life super hero is out) and work in cyber crime. She’s married to her favorite human and the two of them are currently renovating their first home together.
Stephanie B is a born-and-raised Oregonian. She’s been an animal lover her whole life, and last year finally found herself working in the animal care field, after stepping away from a long career in retail management. She has an 11 year old American Staffy at home, named Rook. When she’s not out walking/romping through fields, or cuddling with other four legged fur babes, you’ll find her and her husband scooting around town on their Honda Ruckus and Honda Grom. Along with animals, scooter riding is a great passion of hers! Vroom! You may also find Stephanie working as an on-call admin, and helping bring new Hot Diggity walkers on board!


In 2013, Zoe put all of her things in a car and drove from Indiana to Portland, which was probably the best decision of her life. She’s been wrangling creatures with Hot Diggity! ever since and she loves cruising around downtown and southeast on her bicycle to see her favorite dogs and cats. She also studies at Portland State and someday she will be a dentist. In her free time, she enjoys playing rugby and reading nonfiction. She lives in southeast with a pile of roommates and their cats Disco, Billiards, and Spike.

Stefani is an Oregon native and animal lover at heart! Before finding Hot Diggity!, she worked at a dog daycare for 5 years. She has a soft spot for the older pets and medical needs fur babies. Besides going on adventures with her adorable Australian Shepherd, she loves traveling, motorcycle riding, and enjoying all that Oregon has to offer.

Jocelynn is a theater artist with a soft spot for anything with fur. Originally from California, she grew up with all sorts of animals. She began pet-sitting three years ago and fell in love with all the furry friends she was making. Cats can’t get enough of her – it’s a past life thing. When she isn’t rehearsing, she spends her time outdoors, dancing and enjoying all that Portland has to offer. If you’ve seen someone recently dancing down the street with a happy dog on-leash, it was probably her!

Stephanie J was born and raised in Chicago, IL and worked as a fashion photographer for many years, adding clothing design, personal training and yoga instruction to her resume along the way. A move to Portland in 2014 was brought on by desires to be closer to nature and the ocean, and live in a smaller city with a more relaxed atmosphere. It’s been everything she hoped! Volunteering with the Pixie Project reminded her how much she loves working with animals, and she started working with Hot Diggity! in August 2015. When not caring for your pets, Stephanie loves exploring all that is new to her in Oregon, hiking, relearning the guitar, nature photography, yoga, rainbow hair and her own two sweet kitties
Janna couldn’t be happier to spend so much time outside caring for other people’s pets. A fine artist adept at realism, Janna started walking dogs after quitting her day job as a graphic designer in 2014. Trading screen time for exercise and animal care rejuvenated her art practice – she started making collages and has since amassed a huge body of work, which has been shown in Seattle and Portland. You can see it at or on Instagram @janna_dorothy. When she’s not in her studio cutting up old books, she loves to bake, make preserves, do yoga and sing. Janna is thankful to be trusted with caring for Portland’s best friends on a daily basis.

Aubrey has always been surrounded by animals, growing up on small farms in both the Sierra Nevada and Santa Cruz Mountains, where her family had a petting zoo business. They had rambunctious llamas, chickens trained to do tricks, and circus tents in their backyard! She currently has three lovely cats: Eshe, Hermione and Stash. In her spare time she loves to hike and explore remote areas, garden, read/write extensively and watch a ridiculous amount of tv.
Krislyn is the mom of 3 teenagers and a puppy. She’s always had dogs in her life – her puppy comes along during the day on her walks, and may even think the car is her second home! “Kids and dogs are my life and that makes me very happy. I love working with dogs, even when it’s pouring rain!”

Whitney is a long-time animal lover who has had cats, turtles, dogs, reptiles, birds and fish, and was particularly fond of rabbits in the 4th grade. Whitney is always excited to meet a new Hot Diggity! client, but it’s the pets that really make her light up. Since moving from home she misses her four dogs a lot, and dog walking and pet sitting is filling that void. Her modest goal? To meet every dog in Portland!
Paola loves to treat pets like a part of her family after years of pet sitting for friends and adoring her own Bernese Mountain Dog, Sammy. Since moving to Portland, her love for animals and nature led her to both Hot Diggity! and the Wildlife Care Center at Audubon Society of Portland. She feels happiest backpacking, traveling, studying ecology and conservation, and caring for your beautiful pets! 
Holly loves being a walker with Hot Diggity!, since it allows her to spend plenty of time outside and enjoy the company of everyone’s fabulous pets! Her hobbies include painting, writing, hiking and travel.
Steven has lived in Chicago and Los Angeles, and is happy to call Portland his home now! He grew up with 2 dogs and loves when his walking assignments with Hot Diggity! take him to one of the dog parks in town. He enjoys exploring his new city, going on hikes and planning adventures, and loves the Pacific NW environment.

Laura recently moved to Portland from Los Angeles. She grew up in the Bay Area and her family always had cats and dogs, both big and small. She loves walking around with the dogs of Hot Diggity! and exploring different areas of the city. She lives in SE Portland with a self-help guru for a roommate and a cat named Milo who runs both their lives. She also owns her own online soy candle business and writes books for fun.

Jessica moved to Portland from Chicago in January of 2015 and has been caring for four-legged babies for about six years. When she’s not walking pups and scratching behind kitty ears, she enjoys hiking, drawing monsters, writing, watching horror movies, and eating all the cheese she can find (as long as it isn’t American!)
Lauren has been an animal enthusiast since attending Oregon Humane Society summer camps as a child. She began her business ventures in the pet industry at age 10, walking an African barkless dog named Abby while her owner was at work. Lauren worked as a receptionist for two veterinary hospitals in Portland, and also worked for years at a local boarding kennel. She loves her one and only, Winnie, the dog-park-fanatic Chihuahua. Winnie gets to stay with her grandparents and their pup, Henry, while Lauren is on a petsit. Lauren looks forward to meeting your pets!

  Alissa loves to be surrounded by animals: growing up with two rescued cats and two dogs, she was the self-designated family vet. Animal rights are a driving force for her, and she hopes to meet, rescue, and love as many as possible. With no pets of her own in Portland yet (she has 4 well-missed family dogs in MA) she is happy to surround herself with animals by caring for other’s loved ones. Alissa prefers being outside, and when she isn’t greeting a dog on the sidewalk she is teaching Yoga classes, hiking, exploring Portland, drinking tea, or reading.
Matt is a proud Portland native and huge Blazer fan since birth! There were always lots of animals in his house growing up – cats, dogs, birds, fish, snakes and rats even. Dogs definitely hold a strong spot in his heart, and German Shepherds are his favorite breed.
Christina has grown up with many different animals in her household since she was a wee tyke, which is one of the reasons she enjoys her job hanging with pups all day. She is a part time student at OSM and in her spare time enjoys cooking, sunbathing, swimming, hiking with her pup and spending time with her family.
Shaina grew up with an assortment of animals in the suburbs of Chicago. Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds…her household was always filled with the connection and companionship of animals. These days, Shaina is passionate about seeing the beauty in all things. Photography has been a key focus for the past 10 years, and now she finds taking care of animals and people is a new passion and way of celebrating the beauty in life.
Tess was a Special Ed teacher and is now a stay-at-home mom to 3 girls! The family moved to Portland two years ago from Maryland, and while looking for a way to keep active and get outside more, Tess found Hot Diggity! She always had dogs growing up, and dog walking has been a great fit for her “staying active” goals! She has a 6 year old black standard poodle named Indie, who is is a great running partner and foot warmer during Netflix binges. Tess and her family love hiking and paddle boarding, and go to a lot of outdoor concerts. They are also avid readers and podcast listeners, so don’t be surprised when you see Tess with headphones on! (She loves recommendations for new books and podcasts, too!)
  More photos & bios coming soon!