Meet the Hot Diggity! Portland Team

Hot Diggity! believes everyone deserves the love of a pet. We believe in treating our clients as we would treat ourselves, our friends, and our family. We believe our walkers and sitters are the best in the business and we strive to uphold a safe, respectful, fun, desirable place to work. Read on to meet our team of dedicated, Hot Diggity! pet care professionals.


Hunter, the founder and head of Hot Diggity! Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Portland, Oregon


Director of Operations

Hunter is the captain of the ship here at Hot Diggity! A born and bred Portlander, with more than 17 years in the pet care industry, Hunter loves guiding a thriving pet care business in the city he loves. With a creative spirit, a love of our western wilds, and a knack for business, Hunter can be found about town in our movie theaters scripting his next film; sipping a fine wine and furthering his sommelier certification; or heading to the gorge to breathe in the beauty and the cedar. You might also catch him hitting the streets with Twinkle, the newest rescue pup to the Hot Diggity! family.

Life Motto: “Thoughts make things possible, words give them form. Think it, Say it, Create it.”

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter and admin Stephanie B!

Stephanie B.

General Manager

Stephanie B. is a true, old-fashioned, born-and-raised Oregonian. After a long career in retail management, Stephanie decided it was time to pursue a new adventure and joined the Hot Diggity! Crew here in Portland. She made rounds as a pet care provider, HR specialist, and now manages the Westside team. When she’s not wrangling the Hot Diggity! schedule or romping through fields with her favorite furry clients, Stephanie can be found snuggling her 12 year old American Staffy, Rook, scooting around town with her husband on their Honda Ruckus and Honda Grom (wicked cool scooters!), or catching the newest epic of Star Wars. Vroom! Vroom!

Life Motto: “Keep the shiny side up.”

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter and Admin, Elizabeth


Eastside Operations Manager

Growing up in the Pacific NW, Elizabeth developed lasting love for animals, the great outdoors, and mastering new handicrafts. She has worked as a professional pet sitter all over the country (from California to Vermont) but it’s the story of alpaca-sitting while working a small organic dairy that frequently graces her dinner table when relaying a memory. After a few years working alongside Hot Diggity! as a pet care provider and part-time admin in Portland, Elizabeth was promoted to Hot Diggity’s Eastside Operations Manager. Now, she works remotely while fulfilling a lifelong dream of running her own homestead on the coast of Maine. In her free time, you can find her building gardens, exploring the woods with her White German Shepherd, Canis Lupus, sewing dresses from her own design, exploring rummage sales, and studying astrology and herbal healing practices.

Life Motto: “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” -Anais Nin

Cat sitter turned Marketing Coordinator, Miriam!


Marketing & Outreach Coordinator

Miriam is a Portland native, dog owner, tea lover, and artist. Before joining Hot Diggity!’s marketing team she also worked as a cat sitter from time to time and grew up with cats. She currently owns an adorable trouble-maker of a labradoodle whose chief obsession is a strong game of fetch whilst conquering the most expansive dog parks in Oregon. When her hands aren’t busy tossing toys to her pooch, you can find her spreading the word about Hot Diggity! through a variety of mediums: digital, print, community outreach and events. Outside of work, Miriam spends a good deal of time listening to podcasts, watching Star Trek, and drawing. You can find her work on Instagram and on her website.

Life Motto: “Qapla’!”

Marico the amazing photographer and dog walker and pet sitter and director of marketing in Portland


Director of Marketing

Marico grew up in the wilds of Southern Oregon alongside the North Umpqua River, migrated to Portland for studies in photography and marketing, and stayed because “Portland has the best food, great people, and access to nature, the ocean, and art.” A pet lover since childhood, Marico’s efforts supporting rescue dogs in Mexico through Amigos de Animales felt especially rewarding. When she’s not working on community outreach projects with Hot Diggity, you can find her exploring with her camera, trying a new recipe, or engrossed in a good book.

Life Motto: “When in doubt, Just Dance!”

Moose is one of the amazing office team members who help make Portland pet sitting with Hot Diggity! fantastic!


Client Services Manager

Moose is a latte lover, devoted dog owner, and outdoors enthusiast. Hailing from Los Angeles, Moose brought her pup and husband up to Portland a few years back with ambitions of adventure and an outlet for her creative passions in photography and woodworking. She has been an animal fanatic her entire life having owned cats, fish, hermit crabs, hamsters and dogs since childhood. She is full of energy, jokes, and a keen love for all creatures. She loves to make and create and eat. She joined Hot Diggity! after leaving a long history of working in live music entertainment and is so stoked to be a part of this pet-friendly team of incredible individuals.

Life Motto: “Eat, learn, and make something new every day.”



Client Services Manager

Lys moved from Indiana to Portland in 2017 with her partner and has been in love with the area ever since. Being an artist and a lover of plants, animals, and adventure, she knew this was the right move for her. Throughout her life she has worked with animals of all sizes and shapes, from poisonous frogs to draft horses. In her free time she likes to go exploring with her dog, take photos of plants to sketch for her science illustration portfolio and try new pizza places. She also loves to visit the coast whenever she gets the chance to catch a glimpse of the whales and other wonderful sea dwelling creatures.

Life Motto: “Adapt to the changing tides.”


Forest Pack Hike Leaders

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Paola!


Southeast / Northeast Portland

After years of dog and cat sitting for friends and caring for her Bernese Mountain Dog, Sammy, Paola loves to treat pets like a part of her family. Since moving to Portland, her love for animals and nature led to a position with Hot Diggity! and volunteering at the Wildlife Care Center at Audubon Society of Portland. She feels happiest backpacking, traveling, studying ecology and conservation, and caring for your beautiful pets!

“I’ve really appreciated Paola taking Wolfgang on walks, staying with him, playing with him, and giving him delicious treats over this past year. He told me that he loves her visits with him and he looks forward to them everyday. It’s clear that Paola loves doggies and being a dog walker!” -Amber M.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Ben

Ben M.

Hollywood / Grant Park / Roseway

A California native coming up on a decade in the Beaver State, Ben firmly believes his purpose on this earth is to be a companion to all the creatures of this planet. From the littlest kitten to the biggest Dane they all get the same love from Ben. There isn’t much that Ben hasn’t seen after working at an animal hospital, dog boarding facilities, and doggie daycares. Regardless of the situation, Ben is always down to jump in and help out when it comes to the safety and care of your animals. He’s even chosen to not have pets of his own so he can spend more time with yours!

“Ben was so great with our dog and a really nice guy. This was our first time hiring a dog walker and his demeanor and skill with Stella really put us at ease.” -Anna G.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Alex!

Alex D.

Southeast / Sellwood / Woodstock

Alex is a jazz pianist and aspiring programmer who loves going on hikes and hanging out with dogs and cats. He moved from New York City in 2013 where he was privileged enough to work with many canine companions (and some cool cats as well). When he’s not around SE Portland keeping dogs fit, you can bet he’s out in the Columbia Gorge hiking the steepest, highest trails he can find. While he doesn’t own any pets at the moment (*shakes fist at landlord*), he finds that spending all day with many delightful pets is the next best thing to keeping a clandestine cat or a dog in disguise. Alex also loves house/pet sitting, good food + good beer, going on outdoor adventures, and playing music with his jazz combo around town.

“Our girl is a sassy lady who thinks she can walk herself. Ha! But Alex takes such good care of her. We’re so grateful that he is so good to her and with her!” -Katie C.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Aaron


Downtown / Pearl District / South Waterfront

Aaron lives a life of adventure. He enjoys spending time outdoors the most doing activities such as hiking, camping, snowboarding, and exploring the northwest while capturing his experiences through photography. Growing up around animals and having a big heart for all sorts of furry friends, Aaron quickly found a joy in pet sitting, hanging with sweet kittens, and walking dogs of all shapes and sizes. Working with Hot Diggity! is a perfect match.

“Aaron, Thanks so much for everything — Homer seems super chill and totally happy to have been home all this time! Thanks for keeping the house in order and for the delicious brownies, too! What an awesome bonus!” -Ben B.


Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Zoe


On-Call Manager / Downtown / Pearl District / South Waterfront

In 2013, Zoe put all of her things in a car and drove from Indiana to Portland, which was probably the best decision of her life. She’s been wrangling creatures ever since and loves cruising around downtown and southeast on her bicycle to see her favorite dogs and cats (and chickens!). Outside of work, Zoe studies at Portland State University and will someday be a dentist. In her free time, she enjoys playing rugby, learning ballet, and devouring nonfiction literature in her shared home with a pile of roommates and their three cats: Disco, Billiards, and Spike.

“Zoe takes excellent care of my baby. It’s absolutely incredible to return to a clean house, daily pictures, updates, and a very relaxed and happy pup. Highly recommended!” -Molly M.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Belinda


Downtown / Pearl District / South Waterfront

Belinda is the mother of an excellent teenage boy. Herself raised by two charming cats who taught her about how connected everything in the world is (well, her parents taught her a thing or two as well…), Belinda cherishes plants, animals, and all types of weather. Throughout her life, Belinda has had the good fortune to live in a number of interesting places such as Portugal, Japan, and Germany. Now she has ever-so-happily landed in what she calls “the best place on earth” and is staying put. You can find Belinda walking in downtown, taking portrait-worthy pictures of clients’ pets, and always remembering to stop and smell the flowers.

“Belinda, you’re an important part of why NaNa & Rioli are such happy girls…I might be ‘a crazy dog mom’ but I fully believe they would let me know if they didn’t absolutely love you. The pictures are gorgeous, as always.” -Kirsten M.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Iris!


Downtown / Pearl District / South Waterfront

Iris grew up in the mountains of Vermont surrounded by 5 dogs (it sounds insane but imagine woods and fields galore), countless goldfish, and a turtle named General Tso. Iris loves meeting all of the dogs around town and makes sure to care for them as if they were her own. She is a textile artist and cyclocross racer as well, which is the most dog friendly sport there is!

“We just moved to the Portland area and haven’t been travelling at all because we weren’t able to find anyone we trusted with our dogs. We are so happy to have found Hot Diggity! and Iris! Now we can travel again without any worries!” – Jen B.



Downtown / Pearl District / South Waterfront

Jaime has been lucky enough to have had a menagerie of pets from a young age varying from: chickens, dogs, ducks, horses, cats, and rabbits. However, due to an inconvenient current living situation (re: strict management company), the need for creature comforts must only be found through daily dog walks and pet sits! When not jogging in the rain with enthusiastic pups or snuggling attention-starved kitties; Jaime enjoys studying psychology, writing screenplays and terrible poetry, and going coastal whenever possible. Also an avid traveler, Jaime loves to trade off taking care of your pets while you are overseas and going away to faraway lands as well. If you see someone in full rain gear and a floral baseball cap walking around east Portland with a dog, both wearing big goofy grins, then that’s probably Jaime!

“Had THE MOST satisfying dog sitting experience with Hot Diggity! As a relatively new owner of a 2 year old rescue pup (and new dog owner in general), I was nervous about leaving my pooch Harry at home alone overnight while I went to the coast to celebrate a pal’s impending wedding. Jaime was super great with her and sent three detailed updates about how she was faring between when I left in the afternoon and returned in the morning. Would recommend this service to absolutely anybody and everybody.” – Lily J.




Alicia grew up with a dusty farm in Arizona, with chickens, horses, birds, and a whole lot of dogs. Animals have always been in her life and she has a sweet spot for the pups! Alicia loves to get out and enjoy the PNW, enjoying activities such as kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing, and paddle boarding. Currently Alicia is a graduate student at UO Portland, studying Historic Preservation. She is a self-described huge nerd for old buildings and hopes to pursue a future with the National Parks Service as a Historical Architect.

“We want to thank Alicia SOOOO MUCH for excellent, top notch pet care during our trip. She is the BEST!!” – Kristin S.




Thomas has loved animals all his life and has never been without a pet – he even so far as to sneak a guinea pig into his college dorm! He worked with horses for seven years in his youth and shadowed an equine veterinarian for much of that time! As life has continued, he has shifted focus to human healthcare and is currently completing his prerequisites for nursing school and hopes to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist long term. Having recently moved from Texas, outside of Hot Diggity! you can catch him, his wife, and their two husky/malamute mixes (Peter & Phoebe) soaking in the cool, salty breezes at one of Oregon’s many great beaches, tromping through the snow on Mt. Hood, or exploring even more of the PNW region!

“Thomas was absolutely great! We came home to two very happy pets who had clearly been well taken care of and loved. Getting pictures and a message everyday was wonderful, too!” – Andy B.

Zach is one of our great Portland pet sitters and does both dog walking and cat sitting and dog sitting and other pet sitting



Zach has always loved animals and grew up with a family dog and a couple of cats. Besides the family pets he’s also worked on farms with livestock and even bison! In his free time, Zach loves spending time in the outdoors, going to soccer games, reading, yoga, and going to music shows. He also loves to travel and is always on the go. After getting the full taste of the PNW, Zach hopes to one day live in the UK and visit Asia and South America.

“Zach did such an awesome job with our pups! My husband and I could not be more grateful that we found someone so reliable to watch our dogs!” – Theresa M.




Maddison moved to the Portland area in early 2018 and is enjoying learning about the area. She’s loved animals for as long as she can remember. and has had dogs, cats, and even hamsters throughout her life! She has a sweet kitty that lives with her parents for now, but hopefully will soon be reunited with Maddison. In her free time she likes to watch TV, play with makeup, and sing.

“The service was excellent, I’m very grateful that Rascals was able to be well cared for. The difference in her demeanor is night and day in comparison to when I’ve had to board her in the past. I’m extremely happy with our experience with Maddison.” – Christopher R.


Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Whitney


NW Hills / Bethany / Beaverton

Working with Hot Diggity! is a perfect fit for an animal lover like Whitney! She has had cats, turtles, dogs, reptiles, birds, and fish throughout her life, and was particularly fond of rabbits in the 4th grade. Whitney is always excited to meet a new Hot Diggity! (human) client, but it’s the pets that really make her light up. Since moving from California she misses her four family pups a ton, but dog walking and pet sitting is filling that void. Her modest goal? To meet every dog in Portland!

“Whitney takes such good care of our Duchess. We’re so grateful for all her care. She is always in great spirits when we get home. In fact, we actually wonder if she looks disappointed that we’re not Whitney! And we also appreciate that we always come home to a clean house. We don’t often encounter people who go above and beyond like Whitney.” -Caroline C.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Erin


On-Call Manager / SW Portland / West Slope / Raleigh Hills

You’d never guess, but as a child Erin was afraid of dogs! All that changed when her aunt raised the sweetest and gentlest Great Dane ever. After befriending the pony-sized lapdog, it was hard to be intimidated by the smaller dogs she met, and soon her lifelong love for all things canine began! Erin is blessed to have a spunky little Border Collie mix named Mia, who might just be the love of her life (the hubby understands). When she isn’t walking dogs, teaching Mia new tricks, or romping at the dog park, you can find Erin indulging her obsession for all things vintage, retro, and mid-century.

“Erin was fantastic! She was dependable, her communication was great, and we loved the pictures. Erin even took extra time with our shy rescue. It was wonderful to be so relaxed on vacation and not have to worry about our pets at all.” -Colleen T.




A lifelong animal lover with a soft spot for special-needs and senior furbabies, Stefani has been professionally caring for dogs for a decade now. Before joining Hot Diggity! she worked for several years at doggie daycares where she was sad to see some dogs receiving less attention than others. She loves working with Hot Diggity! more than working at the doggie daycares because she can give each dog the personal touch and love they deserve. Besides going on wild adventures with her adorable Australian Shepherd, this Oregon native loves traveling, motorcycle riding, and enjoying all that fantastic Oregon has to offer.

“Our flight got cancelled while we were out of the country and we had to extend our service for another day. Luckily Stefani was great and it was easy to schedule the additional day. I always feel so lucky knowing Stefani is watching our kitties. She is the best!!!” -Greg B.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Janna!


Lake Oswego / West Linn / SW Hills

A fine artist adept at realism, Janna started walking dogs after quitting her day job as a graphic designer; she couldn’t be happier to spend so much time outside caring for people’s pets. Trading screen time for exercise and animal care rejuvenated her art practice; she started making collages and has since amassed a huge body of work, which has been shown in Seattle and Portland. You can see Janna’s work at her website or follow her on instagram @janna_dorothy. When she’s not in her studio cutting up old books, she loves to bake, make preserves, do yoga, and sing. Janna is thankful to be trusted with caring for Portland’s best friends on a daily basis.

“Really impressive service, from the website on down! Janna was so professional and yet it was obvious that she was a ‘dog person.’ Rookie absolutely loved her!” -Anne C.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Lauren


On-Call Manager / SW Portland / West Slope / Garden Home

Lauren’s been an animal enthusiast since attending Oregon Humane Society summer camps as a child. She began her business ventures in the pet industry at age 10 by walking a neighbor’s African barkless dog named Abby after school. Before Hot Diggity!, Lauren worked as a veterinary receptionist for two hospitals in Portland and spent years working at a local boarding kennel.  She loves her one and only, Winnie, the dog-park-fanatic Chihuahua. Lauren looks forward to meeting you and your pets!

“Lauren took such good care of Toby and Watson! They’re always so happy to see her.” – Maxine T.


Sarah D.

SW Portland / Garden Home / Raleigh Hills

Sarah grew up loving animals of all kinds. Her childhood hobbies included teaching her family dog how to waltz and the cat to fetch. She also mushed dogs in junior races while growing up in Alaska – think Iditarod with only two to three dogs and a small Sarah at the back of the sled.  Working for Hot Diggity! has been a dream for her since she gets paid to be your dog’s friend or cat’s playtime and cuddle buddy. While not walking dogs, Sarah spends her time studying computer mapping at PCC, growing as much food as she can in her garden, caring for her mom, and spending quality time with her husband in the forests near Portland.

“Sarah is fantastic. We’re going on a longer vacation than we usually take because we feel so confident that she’ll take excellent care of our pets while we’re away. Thank you so much for being so consistently reliable and awesome!” -Elisa M.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Dannielle!


Hillsboro / Orenco Station / Cedar Mill

Dannielle is an Oregonian who grew up on a ranch outside of Forest Grove with dogs, horses, cows, and chickens. After a six-year stint in Seattle where she met her husband, Dannielle moved right back to her beloved home state of Oregon. A pet sitter since age twelve, Dannielle’s longest pet sit was for a full year as her client served time in the military. An avid traveler, concert-goer, and adventure-seeker, Dannielle loves all animals and cherishes the opportunity to be a voice for them!

“My pets were so relaxed and happy when I came home. Dannielle did excellent work. I really appreciated and enjoyed all the lovely photos she took. I share them with my friends and folks I meet all the time.” -Heidi G.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Tess



Formerly a Special Ed teacher and stay-at-home mom to three awesome daughters, Tess has joined the Hot Diggity! team after a cross-country move from Maryland. When not caring for pets you may find Tess with her family, hiking, paddle boarding, at an outdoor concert venue or hanging with her 6 year old standard poodle, Indie, who’s both a great running partner and the very best foot warmer for winter Netflix binges. Tess is also an avid readers and podcast aficionado, so don’t be surprised when you see her with headphones on. Tess, a lifelong animal lover says, “Dog walking has been a great fit for my ‘staying active’ goals!”

“Another AMAZING visit with Tess. Our pups and home are so well taken care of and we are 100000000% happy to have Hot Diggity! and Tess in our home when we are gone. If you have met us, you know we are a little crazy about our dogs and won’t leave them with “just anyone”. Tess is always a rock star and our other sitters have been great as well! We LOVE HD PDX!!” – Kelly B.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Licia!


Cedar Hill / Sexton Mountain / Amberglen / Aloha

Licia is a reading, writing, dog-loving yogi hailing from Hillsboro after 19 years of living in Minnesota. Licia has been raised around dogs her entire life and took a particular interest in studying wolves and canine behavior in her adolescent years. She currently lives with two dogs of her own: Hemi, a four year old pit-mix, and Koa, a Shar Pei-mix puppy. In Minnesota, Licia’s collegiate studies began, and in December 2016 through PCC, she received her Associate of Art Oregon Transfer Degree. Her future includes sticking around Hot Diggity!, becoming a dog trainer, animal behaviorist, and perhaps becoming an author! Licia’s love for animals stems from how commonly misunderstood they are, the strain in their relationship with humans, and a deep love for their unique personalities.

“Licia was amazing! She always sent us such thoughtful updates. I sure appreciate the photos and the loving care she gave Koa.” – Stacey S.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Jenni G!

Jenni G.

Cedar Mill / NW Heights / Somerset West / South Beaverton

Jenni is happy to return to her hometown of Beaverton after studying technical theater in London and working both in Scotland and California for many years. She’s always loved animals, having grown up with a cocker spaniel and two cats. In California she adopted Sunny, a ginger kitty, from the Humane Society and they shared 18 1/2 years together. Now, she and her roommate co-parent a dwarf bunny named Sofie. Jenni absolutely loves all animals and just feels a natural happiness and calmness when around fur babies. A pet sitter for the past 20 years, Jenni feels an instant bond with dogs and cats. In her free time Jenni is a fan of Formula 1 racing, art glass fusing, and spending time with her new nephew George!  In three words, Jenni could be described as loyal, caring and easy going.

“After their walk I was so pleased to see that my boys were given pleanty of love, including some brushing. I don’t get to spend as much time as I’d like to with them, so I’m happy to see that they are getting such great quality time with Jenni.” -Elisabeth M.


Jamie H.

Northwest Hills / Bethany / Beaverton

Jamie is a Portland native who has been enjoying, playing, and taking care of Portland-area pets for nearly a decade! She loves capturing the funniest (and sweetest) moments of your pets’ expressions through pictures & video, and reassuring you that your babies are in the best of hands. Animals remind her each day how to be a better human, and Jamie considers taking care of them truly a privilege.

“The dogs were so chill when we got home. Truly the mark of great puppy care! Of course they were really really happy to have us back and showed it by snuggling with us at least twice as hard as usual. We’re so grateful to Jamie for taking care of our precious pups! It’s clear they felt safe and happy in her care.” – Kim B.




Since she was young, Mikaela has always loved and wanted to work with animals. Animals are her life and she always knew from day one that whatever she did in the future, it would involve sharing love and caring for animals. One of the reasons why Mikaela loves Portland so much is because of how pet friendly and especially dog friendly it is here. She also loves the beautiful rainy weather! In her free time Mikaela enjoys playing video games and spending time with her family.

“Mikaela was awesome! We are so glad she took such good care of our crazy little critter!” – Mike M.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Lana


Beaverton / Orenco Station / Hillsboro

One day in Minnesota, Lana realized she was really, really, cold, so she packed up her cat, two boys and husband and moved to the greener pastures of Oregon. In 2014 she adopted a bald Brittany puppy named Emmet who dives under the piano and howls at the top of his lungs while she gives piano lessons to the budding musicians of Beaverton. Lana previously worked as a vet assistant and especially liked caring for the boarding pets, giving them extra doses of affection while their parents were away. While her chef husband cooks and plots his next restaurant, she enjoys making her daily dog walking rounds to Hot Diggity! families. She loves dreaming big with her husband, restaurant-hopping downtown, hiking in the woods, watching movies, and baking chocolate chip cookies for her boys.

“Lana did a great job taking special care of our kitties during very nasty winter weather. We realize how stressful getting around town during winter storms is and really appreciate her being here. She really went above and beyond for the kitties and us.” -Sara H.

Alex P.

Alex P.


Alex was raised in the suburbs of Portland, but she felt as if she lived on a mini farm surrounded by dogs, cats, guinea pigs, chickens, and honeybees. Caring for these critters never felt like a chore as she truly loves all animals and the reward is their unconditional love. Besides caring for your furry companions, Alex is also a developmental-disabilities nanny for a little girl who looks forward to taking weekly walks in the forest with their best friend, a 13 year old Jack Russell, Zoey. Alex always has room in her heart for a new furry little friend.

“We were in a bind leaving town over the holidays on short notice and had no one to watch our dog and cat. I contacted Hot Diggity! and they were very quick to respond and get us setup. Alex came by to visit and meet the animals – she was so nice and knew all of the right information to collect, including info about their routines, paw-wiping, food, meds, walking, etc. I was a little unsure since I haven’t used a service like this before, but it worked out so well! The animals really seemed to enjoy their visits and I was able to rest easy knowing they were being so well taken care of. I will for sure use them in the future!” – Janelle V.




Ryannon grew up exploring the beaches and redwoods in her hometown of Santa Cruz, CA and decided to move to the beautiful PNW Spring of 2015 to pursue more opportunities. She has two very friendly black kitties of her own but she loves all animals and is excited to help care for pets and give clients that peace of mind we all deserve when it comes to our animal family members. She has experience with many types of animals, from reptiles and birds to goats and horses. In her free time Ryannon loves to read novels, create art, watch Netflix and play video games. She also enjoys being outdoors and relishes the idea of leaving her old medical office desk job behind and getting a daily dose of the incredible nature our gorgeous home has to offer all while spending time with happy pets!

“Thank you to Ryannon! I loved the photos she took and I appreciated her taking such good care of Bella. She definitely loves to stay close, and I’m glad she snuggled in again during your visit.” – Leila S.

Macin is a great Portland dog sitter and cat sitter giving excellent pet care to all Portland pets



Macin is a naturally born animal enthusiast. From the time she can remember, Macin has been caring for both wild and domestic animals for most of her childhood leading into her adult years. Macin’s love and compassion for all things alive led her to rescue her greatest best friend of the last five years, Autumn, an adorable short-haired German shepherd/husky mix. Other than brisk walks and “catch”, their favorite thing to do together is hike around Oregon’s beautiful wildlands and forests. She also has a beautiful marble bengal cat, Tigger, who is just as curious about hiking the outdoors. When she isn’t adventuring with her fur-babies, you can find her at home making art or cooking delicious food for family and friends.

“Thank you for taking such good care of Ted! He looks very happy and it’s such a relief to know he’s in good hands while I’m at work. Macin is the best!” – Jess E.

Leslie is one of our great Portland dog walkers and pet sitters



While Leslie’s college degree may say “Theatre”, her heart says “Animals and Theatre- but mostly animals”. From cats, rabbits, dogs, and alpacas to snakes, bearded dragons, birds, and tarantulas, there are very few critters that Leslie won’t snuggle against her face! Between owning a lot of different animals, and years of retail pet care and Veterinary Technician experience, Leslie has a ton of knowledge and experience with a vast amount of animals. She currently lives with a spoiled Persian, a Turkish Angora, a cute tabby, a Rex/lop rabbit, two axolotls, and three foster rabbits. In her free time,she’s usually drinking cheap Japanese wine while Instagraming photos of her pets. She’s also a huge Shakespeare fanatic, so she’ll probably recite some Shakespeare to your fur kiddos at some point. Regardless, she will treat every pet like they’re her own.

“We’re so grateful to Leslie for her visit. Her photos are GREAT! She really has a knack for them. Honestly that’s one of the best pictures of our pup that we ever got! Thanks again, the gang hopes to see you again soon.” – Avory G.

Sam is one of our great Portland pet sitters and dog walkers!


Beaverton / Orenco Station / Hillsboro

Sam is a California transplant who arrived in Oregon over a decade ago. It was the food, vistas, and people that drew them to the PNW and kept them here ever since. They have lived with and cared for many animals throughout their life including cats, dogs, reptiles, fish,and small caged animals. Currently Sam lives with a very fluffy, mellow cat. In their spare time, Sam enjoys exploring the area, crafting and traveling.

“Thank you so much to Sam. It’s been so reassuring knowing that my rabbit was okay. I thought about cancelling my trip, but knowing Sam and the rest of the team was on it made the difference.” – Ichiro K.

Ashlee is another one of our great Portland pet sitters and dog walkers


Lake Oswego / West Linn / Southwest Hills

Ashlee has been around animals all her life, especially dogs. In her past she has taken care of hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, birds, lizards, snakes, pigs, and even a possum! She used to volunteer at her local dog rescue in Tualatin for about 3 years, fostering puppies and sick dogs and making sure they get the best love possible and adopted into the right homes. While fostering, Ashlee only had one foster failure in that time leading to the best buddy ever, her name is Cherry and she is a 20 pound Staffordshire mini pitbull mix she is just a ball of energy that wont ever stop licking your face. During the summers Ashlee spends her time working up a sweat to save our forests as a Wildland Firefighter and has been doing it for the past 3 seasons. She truly enjoys that she can work with two of the things she loves most, animals and fire!

“I will be forever grateful to Ashlee for the great care she gave our cats. She dealt with them in such a loving and caring way. Then she sent us great photos of them, their conditions and their activities. Nothing but superlatives for Ashlee!” – Bryan D.

Kirsty is one of our great Portland dog walkers and pet sitters


Northwest Hills / Bethany / Beaverton

Kirsty may have been born across the pond in England, but she’s lived in Portland for the majority of her life. A lifelong animal lover, Kirsty also loves to draw, do henna, and paint. When not caring for your fluffy loved ones, she is hanging out with her own adorable Airedale Terrier.

“I want to thank Kirsty who looked after our kitties while we were gone. They were both happy, content, and very well cared for. We appreciate it!!” – Steve P.


Jennifer H.


An animal-loving illustrator, Southern-born but Northwest raised, Jennifer is never happier than when she is surrounded by animals. She has spent her 23 years of life working with every type of animal she can get her hands on – reptiles, rodents, livestock, dogs, cats, birds, etc. She has two trouble-maker kitties and a feisty old horse who has been her teammate and companion for the last decade. When Jennifer isn’t fawning over the adorable cats and dogs of Portland she is most likely doing something artsy. She loves to photograph horse shows and is working to do pet portrait illustrations on the side as well.
“Benny and Darby were both happy, content, and very well cared for by Jennifer. We appreciate it!!” -Lisa S.
Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Bethany!


Northwest Hills / Bethany / Beaverton

Bethany was born and raised in Arcadia, California. Growing up, she always had Huskies and German Shepards in her home as well as cats, parakeets and fish. It’s always been a priority of her’s to take care of all animals with as much love and care as she does with her own. Bethany always had a passion for animals for as long as she can remember and knew she wanted to stay connected with them as she got older. There’s no better feeling than having one’s love and care immediately reciprocated every single time. Fun facts about Bethany: she’s never been out of the country, she can play piano by ear, and she loves doing laundry.

“I’m so grateful for Bethany and the cute pictures she sends. It’s great that I can travel for biz and know that they are in great hands.” – Sue C.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Mahea!


Beaverton / Tigard / Cedar Hills

A recent transplant to Portland, Mahea loves getting to know her new home better through the eyes of local animals. She has been a passionate animal lover since she can remember, and is so happy to spend more time in their presence! She is currently owned by a ginger tabby (nicknamed appropriately by her housemate as “our furry overlord”). Mahea’s background is predominantly in caregiving and community inclusion for people of all ages and abilities, and she is excited to balance her time between humans and a variety of other species (such adorable dogs and cuddly snakes)!

“We really appreciated Mahea taking such good care of our Remy!” – Laura C.


Carolyn C.

NW Hills/Bethany

Carolyn was is a Portland native who loves spending her time outdoors surrounded by the mossy, ferny beauty of the Pacific Northwest. She is elated to now have dog companions to accompany her as she explores the neighborhoods of her hometown. When she is not outside gardening, skiing or identifying native plants, she can be found making woodcut prints, wine tasting and trying out delicious food all over Portland. She adores all types of animals so she can’t wait to spend her time taking care of the pets in her community.

“Carolyn makes me feel much better about leaving my pets at home!” – Jack B.


Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Jay


SE Portland / Sellwood / Woodstock

Jay originally hails from the faraway planet of Florida and is now enjoying all the Pacific Northwest has to offer. As a college student, Jay volunteered at a wildlife rehabilitation center and worked part-time as a cat caregiver at a shelter on the gulf coast. He now spends his time walking for Hot Diggity! (dream job) and working from home as a freelance illustrator. Jay loves to eat, travel, browse through curio shops, and take photos of wildlife. He currently lives with his beloved pit/lab mix, Bella, who accompanies him almost everywhere.

“This will be short & sweet…Thanks, Jay for making our first dog walker experience SO great!” -Aubrey M.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Stephanie J!

Stephanie J.

NE Portland / Irvington / Alberta

Stephanie was born and raised in Chicago, IL where she worked for many years as a fashion photographer. Along the way, clothing design, personal training and yoga instruction were added to her resume.  In 2014, inspired by a desire to be closer to nature and to live in a more relaxed city, she moved to Portland–it’s been everything she hoped! Volunteering with the Pixie Project reminded her how much she loves working with animals, and subsequently started working alongside Hot Diggity!.  When not caring for your pets, Stephanie loves exploring all that is new to her in Oregon: hiking, learning the guitar, nature photography, yoga, rainbow hair colors, and hanging with her own two sweet kitties.

“Spectacular. Stephanie and everyone else at Hot Diggity! was kind, punctual, reliable, easy to work with, organized, and adapable. She took care of my dog while she was recovering from a medical issue and I had to travel for work. I thought about cancelling my trip, but knowing that Stephanie and the Hot Diggity! Team were on it gave me peace of mind and made all the difference.” –Nadia W.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Shaina!



Growing up in the suburbs of windy Chicago, Shaina was always surrounded by an assortment of animals. From cats and dogs to rabbits, hamsters, and birds, she has always enjoyed the connection and companionship that animals so easily offer. A very upbeat and optimistic person, Shaina has a passion for seeing beauty in all things. Taking care of Hot Diggity! pets is a new way for her to celebrate the beauty in life. Pets of all kinds are such pure creatures with limitless capacities for love. The world is always brighter after spending a fantastic day caring for them. Beyond her love of animals, Shaina has also been focusing on her amazing photography for the past 10 years as another way to explore her passion for seeing beauty in life.

“Shaina is so amazing. I’m so glad I found Hot Diggity and her!” -Rebecca S.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Jocelynn


Sullivan’s Gulch / Alberta / Williams

Since Jocelynn moved to Portland in 2015, she’s been an enthusiastic member of the Hot Diggity! family. She loves that she gets to work with her furry best friends and wonderful human crew everyday! Some of her most rewarding days involve giving cats and dogs extra cuddles while making sure they get quality exercise–if you recently saw someone dancing down the street with a happy dog on-leash, it was probably her! Currently pursuing a career in massage therapy, Jocelynn is thankful to still be able to work with animals and spend lots of time outdoors. Jocelynn looks forward to making more four-legged friends!

“When we came home our dog was in such a happy mood and overall seemed like he was so much less stressed out than the last vacation we took when a friend was dropping by to watch him. It’s so great to know that he’s got new friends like Jocelynn to play with him and give him pets while we’re out of town. Hot Diggity! is the best!” -Verity K.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Matt



Matt is a proud Portland native and huge Blazer fan since birth! Growing up Matt was surrounded by pets of all shapes and sizes. He’s had cats, dogs, birds, fish, snakes, and even rats. This guy is more than ready to care for every Portland pet that needs it! Dogs, and specifically German Shepherds hold a special place in his heart, but never fear; Matt loves all Hot Diggity! pets and is always at the ready to give them the love and exercise they need to be happy.

“Matt is wonderful. One time we ended up arriving very late to the airport and Matt checked in with me to make sure that the pups were taken care of. I really appreciate all his hard work and how much he cares.” -Jennifer B.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Alissa



Growing up with two rescued cats and two dogs, Alissa loves to be surrounded by animals. Her greatest goal in life is to meet, rescue, and love as many sweet animals as possible which makes Hot Diggity! a fantastic place for her to be. She is also an advocate for animal rights and dreams of a day when there will be no unwanted pets in shelters. Her four family dogs still live back in Massachusetts, but she is happy to give all her love to Hot Diggity! pets while waiting to find a place of her own where she can bring her pets. Alissa also loves the great outdoors and when she isn’t greeting a dog on the sidewalk she is teaching Yoga classes, hiking, exploring Portland, drinking tea, or reading.

“Everyone looked very well cared for when I returned. I really appreciated that Alissa even took out the trash and that so much laundry was done! That was amazing!” -Nicole J.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Steven



Hailing from Chicago and Los Angeles, Steven is happy to now call Portland his new home. Growing up, Steven had two dogs which prepared him for taking excellent care of all the Hot Diggity! pets he now interacts with. His favorite routes are the ones that take him and his charges to one of the many awesome dog parks in town. Some pets take longer than others to warm up to a new face, but Steven has shown time and time again that he has the patience and gentle touch to get shy pets to open up and trust him. In addition to playing with dogs, Steven enjoys exploring his new city, going on hikes, planning adventures, and just generally enjoying the beautiful Pacific NW environment.

“Steven did an excellent job with my JayJay. He communicated with me daily and home home was nice and tidy upon my arrival.” -Carmen R.



 Happy Valley / Milwaukie / Gladstone

Holly has been working in animal care for most of their life. Their favorite part of working with Hot Diggity! is of course the animals, but also the great company values. Some of Holly’s favorite Hot Diggity! pets are Winston an English Mastiff, Molly a Boston Terrier, and too many others to list! But don’t worry, Holly gives every Hot Diggity! pet all the love and care they need to thrive and be happy while waiting for their family to come home. Outside of Hot Diggity! Holly is a real adventurer. Hiking, fishing, and kayaking are just some of the ways that Holly enjoys what the great Oregon outdoors has to offer. Holly also has some super adorable fur-children of their own, and is a truly fantastic writer.

“This was our first time using Hot Diggity! to watch our dogs while we were gone. Holly did a fantastic job! They gave us regular updates and pictures and when we returned everything was just as we’d left it. Our dogs were relaxed and happy and bonded with Holly. We were very comfortable leaving our home and pets in their care. Will definitely be using Hot Diggity! every time we need a pet sitter!” -Anne C.




Robert moved to Portland from Philadelphia five years ago after falling in love with Oregon. Before working with Hot Diggity! he spent time pet sitting dogs, cats and horses for friends. Robert loves hiking and backpacking and looks for any excuse to be in nature. After years working in sales, he is excited to dedicate more time to his passion: working with companion animals.

“Way to go above and beyond caring for our girls and our home. I cannot thank Robert enough for the obviously evident care and dedication. You remove so many concerns when I travel. Thank you again for the above and beyond care you continue to give to the trouble twins.” – John G.


Sara Joy


Sara Joy hails from SE Portland where she has lived her entire life. She grew up in the vibrant Hawthorne District, enjoying the quirky beauty and diversity of the city. A lifelong animal lover, Sara has experience with dogs of all sizes, as well as cats, birds, fish, and rodents. She loves art and photography and spending time with her pug, Archie.

“Incredible dog walking service! Sara Joy is the greatest dog walkers, she’s so careful with our dog’s aging hips. She’s always on time, spends the agreed-upon amount of time out with our dog and sends lots of smiling pictures (my favorite part)! Easy to use chat service and they’re very quick to respond and flexible. When our walker was sick for a couple days, back-up walkers came and they were equally delightful and well-informed about our dog. We’re pretty particular about who takes care of this sweet guy, and we really trust them.” – Gabe T.


Bethany J.

North / Northeast

Bethany J. is a Texan born and raised and has deeply loved, spoiled, and pet sat for animals of all kinds, from kittens to English mastiffs, for 20 plus years. Pets are just like children to her and she is sure to love on, and take the absolute sweetest, very best care of your pet just as if it were her very own! Her family bred boxer dogs, which means she literally grew up with puppies in her crib. She has also had her very own boxer baby dog for her entire life. She loves being active outdoors as much as possible, and she always begins her day with an eight-mile run. Words truly cannot explain how deeply she loves dogs, cats, and all animals of all shapes and sizes!

“Bethany is awesome. She goes above and beyond to provide great service and care for my pets. She also communicates well and I appreciate the information and pictures that she sends to me while I’m away. Shes a rockstar!” – Gina W.




Garrett is an artist who splits his time between theatre and walking dogs. He grew up with several pets, including a cat, a dog, and several guinea pigs. While he doesnt have any pets currently he loves meeting new animals! Currently Garrett is involved with theatre throughout Portland, and is working on his skills in acting, tech, and writing. When he is not doing work in the theatre, he enjoys spending time with friends, going to see shows, and drinking coffee. He hopes to go live overseas again and do anthropological research.

“Garrett has been a rock star. He has been so sweet with our kitties – even our scared little one that hides from him – I love the texts he sends and always feel like litter/water is taken care of 100%.” – Leslie K.


Jennifer J.


From Texas to Oklahoma to New York and finally to Oregon, Jennifer has always had a love for furry critters. She made the trek to Portland in 2016 to pursue a video editing position and started volunteering with Family Dogs New Life animal shelter to get her doggie fix. Now as a member of the Hot Diggity! team Jennifer gets to live out her dream of hanging with animal friends all the time to fill the void of not having a pup of her own. When she isn’t taking care of animals, Jennifer enjoys hiking, reading, and working on local documentaries.

“Jennifer J was great! Good information shared in updates and pictures that always help me know Riley is comfortable and enjoying the visits.” – Katie B.




Olimpia has a life-long love of animals. She has one dog, Pimienta, and two cats, Sasha and Puffy. and she also fosters kittens every once in a while. Olimpia loves meeting new animals and getting to know each of their personalities. With a background in veterinary medicine, Olimpia can take care of any critters with specials needs. In her free time, Olimpia is into crafting, DIY, baking, sewing, and learning about new things.

“We have had negative experiences with other pet sitters. This was the BEST experience we have ever had. Olimpia was thoughtful, helpful and provided us with assurance our babies were safe and well taken care of. I 100000% will be a returning customer!” – Andrea G.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Jenni!

Jennifer H.

Gladstone / Milwaukie / Happy Valley / Clackamas

An animal-loving illustrator, southern born but northwest raised, Jennifer is never happier than when she is surrounded with animals. She has spent her 23 years of life working with every type of animal she could get her hands on – reptiles, rodents, livestock, dogs, cats, birds, etc. She has two trouble-maker kitties and a feisty old horse who has been her teammate and companion for the last decade. When Jennifer isn’t fawning over the adorable cats and dogs of Portland she is most likely doing something artsy! She loves to illustrate animal/pet portraits, and photograph horse shows. Jennifer is completely at home with Hot Diggity! and is working to do pet portrait illustrations on the side.

“Benny and Darby were both happy, content, and very well cared for by Jennifer. We appreciate it!!” -Lisa S.




Haya is a recent Portland transplant from Minneapolis, MN. When she’s not walking dogs, she is probably hanging out with her own lil weirdo, Bernice. She is currently working her way through all of the Fast & Furious franchise (RIP Paul Walker). You are most likely to find her buying La Croix at Costco or sitting on her porch. Haya will also rarely hear you when you call out to her because she is busy listening to podcasts and paying attention to your dogs, but if you get her attention it’s always a good time.

“I am overjoyed by Haya’s excellent care. Her photos meant the world to me. I am grateful my sweet little girl is getting so much love while we’re away.” – Susan C.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Hillary!



Originally from New York City, Hillary is a Nature Photographer and Ecologist who has lived in the mountains of Oregon for almost 20 years. Portland has been her cultural hub and creative place to gather with other artists & friends. She moved back to Portland with her dog Nellie and cat Zooey in 2017 and joyfully works part time for Hot Diggity. As a child, Hillary loved watching nature documentaries and wanted to be a veterinarian but decided to study Zoology & Photography instead as that was more suited to her lifestyle. She has traveled the world with her camera as a nature, aerial, and underwater photographer. While living in the mountains she rehabilitated orphaned wildlife until they were old enough to wander off by themselves into the forest. She is currently working on her own creative fine art photography projects and a series of handmade books.

“Good cat sitters might be reasonably easy to find, but great cat sitters like Hillary come far and few in between. She did great!” -Evan T.


Sara T.

St. Johns / North Portland

Sara was born in Little Rock Arkansas where she spent a lot of time outdoors hiking and climbing. She went to school in Salt Lake City where she studied Electrical Engineering. While there she loved to ski and long board. She moved to Portland to become an energy engineer and worked for a non-profit for about 4 years. She recently had a switch in career to focus more time outdoors and with animals. She is also training in a form of sound therapy called preventative vibrational medicine. She has also been trained to work on animals with the sound therapy. In her spare time she plays piano, synth, and sings. She is currently working on recording an album. She loves to hike, camp, go to local shows, walk dogs, do yoga and go to karaoke and laser tag!

“The team taking care of our dog was very communicative and we appreciate the updates via email from each visit. I was impressed that although we had a different sitter partway through the visit, Sara T. was completely up to date on everything.” -Vali P.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Laura!



Growing up in the Bay Area, Laura was always surrounded by her family cats and dogs. Big and small she loved them all, but recently made the move from sunny California to verdant Portland. Walking dogs with Hot Diggity! has been a great way for her to explore all that the city has to offer. What better way to get to know a new town than by walking dogs around? She currently just has one cat named Milo who runs both her and her roommate’s lives. When she’s not cuddling up with him or playing with Hot Diggity! dogs she is hard at work running her own online soy candle business or having fun writing books.

“Thank you so much to Hot Diggity! for sending us Laura. She’s beyond perfect and has become fast friends with Molly.” -Nicci W.

Corbin_1948 (1)


Outer Northeast / Eastside Floater

Corbin is originally from Southern California, and moved up to Portland in 2013 after graduating from Cosmetology school. Since moving up he has gotten married and added two chihuahua mixes, Ginger and Pepper, to his family. In his spare time he writes, finds new places to eat, and dives deep into animated shows. He has always loved animals and grew up hanging out with hamsters, horses, dogs, cats, birds, and turtles. Four years ago he began dog-sitting professionally, and recently began dedicating his life entirely to caring for other people’s furry family members. Hot Diggity has been helping him live his dream!

“The team taking care of our dog was very communicative and we appreciate the updates via email from each visit. I was impressed that although we had a different sitter partway through the visit, Corbin had updated the next sitter on everything.” -Vali P.

Ayal one of Portalnd's best dog walkers



Ayal is a lifelong musician who found Hot Diggity! while pursuing a life in which he has the freedom to devote himself to his art. Hot Diggity has given him this with the added bonus of getting to hang out with a whole bunch of cute critters. When he is not creating music, he enjoys exploring all that the Pacific northwest has to offer with his pooch, Aria, or snuggling with some readings on the meaning of existence with his little kitties, Jerry and George.

“Ayal was awesome. He had excellent communication and we loved the photos he took. Thank you so much for always putting our minds at ease on vacation. Our animals warmed up to him right away and didn’t seem to miss us at all when we got back.” -Brian B.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Cassidy!


Gresham / Troutdale / Northeast

Before she moved to Oregon and started working with Hot Diggity!, Cassidy used to travel around the country in a converted camper with her boyfriend and her doggo. She’s always loved working with children and pets, especially dogs. Cassidy recognizes that everyone’s pets are extremely special to them and it humbles her to be trusted with the responsibility of their care. She loves learning about each pet as an individual and learning to speak a little more of their language everyday. Outside of Hot Diggity! Cassidy rock climbs nearly every day or is off learning new programming languages and upping her coding skills.

“I will be forever grateful to Cassidy for the great care she gave our cats. She dealt with them in such a loving and caring way. Then she sent us great photos of them, their conditions and their activities. Nothing but superlatives for Cassidy!” -Bill Z.

Lauren is a great Portland dog sitter and cat sitter giving excellent pet care to all Portland pets

Lauren M.


From a very young age Lauren was drawn to animals. At age 4 her parents surprised her with her very own kitten who she loved until he was the happy old age of 19. Throughout that time other bunnies, kitties and puppies joined the family so she was always surrounded by furry friends, until she moved to Portland in 2014 from Los Angeles. In Portland she made friends with all the neighborhood cats while running her own photography business from home. When she is not taking pictures, she enjoys hiking, doing arts n crafts, and cuddling with her Hot Diggity! dogs.

“This most recent pet sit with Lauren was one of the very best experiences I have had with any pet/house sitters! The communication provided through Hot Diggity!’s platforms is awesome and so helpful for worrying pet parents! I felt that I always knew how Anni was doing and it gave me GREAT peace of mind to see pics of her each day of the sit. In addition, when I got back my home was just as I left it – so nice! You all at Hot Diggity are a valued part of my circle! Thanks so much!!” – Sharon B.




Zandra was born and raised in Santa Cruz California, moving to Portland in 2011 after performing with her stilting circus troupe at the Oregon Country Fair and falling in love with the Oregon countryside and people. In addition to her creative lifestyle, Zandra has taken care of animals since she was little, raising lop eared rabbits and running through her family’s apple orchard with her childhood golden retriever, Tuvia. Through the years she has been a go-to pet sitter for her friends cats and dogs alike. When she’s not caring for animals, Zandra loves to sing at open mic nights, paint, sew costumes and dance.

“Zandra was wonderful in getting to know our two cats and anticipating their unique needs. Our home was as clean as when we left it, even though I know the cats made plenty of messes while we were gone. Zandra took great care of our cats and our home.” -Taylor L.




Growing up around horses, Jess fell in love with all four legged creatures at an early age. She began volunteering at local animal shelters throughout high school and once she ventured out to the west coast she became involved with pit bull rescues. When she is not hanging out with your fur children, she’s most likely on an adventure out in the wilderness with her own little pittie, Xander! Jess hopes to someday be a civil rights lawyer and have her own pit bull rescue.

“Jess was a great sitter, very enthusiastic and communicated very well. Highly recommend her! ” -Dustin S.

Christie is one of our awesome Portland pet sitters and dog walkers



Christie is a New York native, but ever since she graduated college with an Animal Science degree she has bounced around the country exploring different places, spaces, cultures, and cuisines. Home is where her dogs are! When she is not walking your dapper doggos and precious pups, Christie is most likely knitting a hat, concocting something interesting in the kitchen, or exploring nature with her own furry friends! She is a proud dog mom to Wookie, a tiny lovable terror, and Brutus, a lab/rotti mix who has her wrapped around his abnormally large paw.

“We are so grateful to Christie for the wonderful and darling up-close pictures of my angels, and for the great and descriptive write-up of them! I am saving ALL of these photos forever. Christie tended to their needs so beautifully. I’m so glad to turn them over to you guys during the days!” – Cherie P.

Mitch is one of our great Portland pet sitters and dog walkers!



Mitch has been working with animals literally his entire life since his dad is a veterinarian. Some time ago he fell in love with the Portland area and moved here for the good mood. In his spare time, Mitch loves rock climbing and traveling.

“Everything went without a hitch, a testament to Mitch and his abilities as a professional pet sitter. I feel confident using your services in the future!” – Sukriti S.

Maddie is one of our great Portland pet sitters and dog walkers!



Maddie grew up in Seattle and always had a dog and several rabbits around them. Through 4-H and neighbors they also got to spend time with cats, chickens and guinea pigs. They moved to Portland in September 2017 and are currently working on a Master’s in Environmental Engineering. When not at school or spending time with animals, Maddie sings in the local Portland Lesbian Choir, revamps thrift store clothes and runs a Dungeons and Dragons game.

“I am very pleased with having Maddie taking care of my fur babies. They kept me well informed, sent loads of pictures of them to me, and left the home tidy.” – Candice J.

Julia is one of our great Portland Hot Diggity! pet sitters



Julia is a lifelong Portlander and has been working with dogs since she was 17. The first dog she house-sat for was a lovable old beagle and she’s been working with many breeds and ages and sizes of dogs and cats ever since. Currently Julia is studying sociology at PSU when she’s not spending time with your sweet pets!

“We got home and everything and our pets were in order. Thank you so much! Julia and Hot Diggity! really ease the stress of worrying about our pets and the house, plants and our cars.” – Rocky T.

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