Meet the Seattle Team

Hot Diggity! believes everyone deserves the love of a pet. We believe in treating our clients as we would treat ourselves, our friends, and our family. We believe our walkers and sitters are the best in the business and we strive to uphold a safe, respectful, fun, desirable place to work. Read on to meet our team of dedicated, Hot Diggity! pet care professionals.


Jill Nelson_27-min


Operations Manager

Born in Minnesota, Jill grew up on a small farm in the Midwest where her family raised goats, sheep, ducks, horses, and chickens. Her dad was a biology teacher and there were always interesting animals around the house including snakes, rats and once even a coyote and a flying squirel. While Jill has lived all over the United States from Florida, to Missouri, to Texas, to California, she is happy to call the state of Washington home. She has owned show dogs as well as “mutts” of all kinds. Currently she lives with her spouse and daughter, 2 cats (Chocolate & Rascal) and a dog named Lucky. She holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, an MBA and and an M.Div. She is an avid kite flyer, animal lover, business consultant and life coach; in addition to running Hot Diggity! Seattle and Hot Diggity! Vancouver.

Life Motto: Real living is in the striving.

Molly s cropped


Operations Team

Molly was born in Atlanta, GA, went to middle school in Whitefish, MT, and moved to Seattle to go to high school.  She now calls Seattle home and has no intention of leaving.   She is a person of eclectic tastes and interests having studied music, audio production, singing, and sculpture, in addition to working with animals.

Molly grew up with dogs and started working at the Humane Society when she was in high school. She has been pet sitting for most of her adult career. If you asked her what she loves about working with Hot Diggity! clients she would tell you that every animal has such a different personality, she loves getting to know them all!

When she isn’t walking dogs and playing with cats, she loves crafting, knitting, embroidery, and sculpture.

Makaela head shot


N. Seattle Lead

Recently new to Seattle, but born and bred to be a professional pet lover and caretaker. I have always been surrounded by pets of all kinds. Spending my toddler days following my mom around in the veterinarian office and my dad to his pet sitting clients houses. Then shortly after, my dad’s pet store business where I started my first job! I have been enjoying the company and caring for cats, dogs, birds, bunnies, donkeys, chickens, snakes, guinea pigs, turtles, and probably a few others that I forgot to mention, because like me, my family understands the importance of caring for our communities animal families.

Since moving to Seattle away from the pet business and into pet care it has been a delight and honor to get to know each animal family!


North Seattle, including Ballard, Fremont, Wallingford, Phinney Ridge and Greenlake areas

Melanie Long is from Western Washington. She is currently studying health care and believes that the journey is the destination. Her friends describe her as funny, adventurous, caring, and loving. She feels like animals teach us so much about love. They make every day brighter and are all unique and wonderful in their own way. Melanie has always had animals since she was little. She grew up on a small farm with chickens, ducks, goats, rabbits, horses, dogs, and cats. Melanie loves being outdoors! She enjoys hiking in the mountains, being on or in the water (swimming, sailing), travel, photography, hanging out with her kitty, Abby, and spending time with family and friends.



Ballard & West Seattle

Carla is a lifelong Seattlite who studied Humanities and Business Administration in college. Independent, spontaneous and loyal, she says that the best thing about animals is their capacity to love- yet each is unique! It is fun getting to know their different personalities and catering their care to fit what works for them! Pet sitting just comes naturally to Carla, she has always been the go-to person for pet sitting for all of my friends and neighbors. When she is not out and about walking does she loves to take trips to the local beach and woods for walks, meeting up with friends for happy hour, and riding her motorcycle. She lives by the motto “Always treat others how you would like to be treated, including all the animals :)”



Shoreline, Greenwood, Crown Hill, Maple Leaf, and Greenlake areas

Noah is a Seattle Native who cultivated a love of animals from an early age. He started working with animals when he was 12 years old, assisting his mom with her pest control company that primarily used bedbug scent detection dogs. He loves how animals allow us to bring a small taste of nature into our own home. A family becomes a pack when you introduce a puppy, and this creates so many opportunities to learn from one another as you both grow.  Considered to be friendly, easy going and yet very passionate about everything he does, Noah has studied architecture and is working on a degree in that field. When he isn’t out walking dogs he is hiking, painting or gardening.

Bill Headshot


N. Seattle, Shoreline, Greenlake

I am a long time dog and cat lover with experience caring for exotics (reptiles, fish, birds, and small mammals). I am a recent migrant to Seattle from Phoenix, AZ where I was a volunteer dog walker at a local rescue. I can’t wait to meet your pet-buddies and help out, I love getting them exercise and attention while you are at work, away, or simply need a hand.

Jessica A webshot


Shoreline, Greenwood, Crown Hill, Maple Leaf, and Greenlake areas

Jessica made her way to the Seattle area from Phoenix, AZ to finish a Master’s in Museology (Museum studies) at University of Washington, which she completed this last June. She has also studied Anthropology and French at Northern Arizona University for her undergrad degree. The best part about working as a pet care provider is meeting so many wonderful pets with their wildly unique personalities, and she loves the companionship that they provide their families. She grew up with a dog in the house, so has been taking caring of animals for almost her entire life. Before joining the Hot Diggity team she also worked   with animals through Rover.

Because she doesn’t currently have a pet of her own gardening has become her hobby, filling her home with plants (approximately 50 total at the moment), and Crafting- from sewing to drawing, she loves just using her free time to practice some creativity.

Glenn Headshot


Greenwood, Ballard, Phinney Ridge and surrounding areas

Glenn is originally from New Jersey but was raised in Miami.  He found his way to Seattle and the great Northwest in search of trees and a change in scenery.   While in Florida he studied multimedia at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.  A fan of photography and all things Science Fiction, his is often out and about taking pictures of plants and animals.   While Hot Diggity is his first professional gig as a pet care provider, he has been around animals all his life.  The best part of working with pets is “the unconditional love (and wet noses)”

Glenn lives by the motto “Coffee first!”



Ballard,  Sunset Hill, Blue Ridge, Crown Hill, Greenwood and surrounding areas

Alyssa Mills was born and raised outside of Boston and attended the UMass Amherst where she studied Environmental Conservation. She loves working with animals because of their honesty, humor and genuine gratitude for small things like walks or belly rubs. She started working with animals almost two years ago at a doggy daycare/walking company in Boston but has been around dogs her whole life. She is a very outdoor oriented person and loves to go camping/hiking in new places. She also loves to cook! Her favorite meal to make is usually breakfast foods like omelets or waffles and always with coffee!


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Queen Anne, Magnolia & South Lake Union

Samantha (Sam) is an east coast transplant, all the way from Staten Island, NY.  She spend some time in college studying History and Archaeology before relocating to the Seattle Area.  She started caring for animals around 6 years old when my mother would volunteer me to do pet care for friends, colleagues and neighbors since she wouldn’t allow me to have my own pets just yet. Sam is a true animal whisperer, who can connect with animals and build a relationship with them over time. She loves how each is so different, but all are her best friends! Every bad day can always be turned around with the help of  an adventure buddy and a little fresh air.

Her hobbies/interests include reading/learning, being outdoors. Her one guilty pleasure is horrible reality TV.

Her life motto is: “don’t talk about it, be about it”



Lower Queen Anne, Downtown, Lake South Union and Denny Triangle

Jessica Smith is an Arkansas native but moved here from Lexington, Kentucky. She moved to Seattle for a fresh start with her partner who had already lived here for several years. She studied environmental science, English, and biology in college and currently use that degree in my remote position as an environmental consultant. Her life motto is: It is what it is. Her friends describe her as organized, adventurous, and quiet. She loves animals because they love you unconditionally! Jessica grew up surrounded by many different kinds of animals, but her first real job was working in the thoroughbred industry with yearlings in Kentucky! Jessica loves cross stitching, horse racing, and writing above all else!


J. J.

Belltown, First Hill, South Lake Union & Downtown

More information about JJ to come. 



 Capitol Hill, First Hill, Madrona, Central District and surround areas

Kelly Jacobi is originally from southern California but now lives in Kirkland. Her family moved to Washington, so she joined them for a change in scenery. Kelly studied psychology and believes random act of kindness can go a long way. She loves how animals each have their own personality. Her friends would describe her as humble, caring, and funny. Kelly enjoys going to hockey games and kayaking. This is her first job working with animals, but she has always had pets. When she was a young child, Kelly had three cats, and currently has two little goofball dogs named Chewy and Gilbert.

Hayley 1


Capitol Hill, Beacon Hill to Columbia City and areas in between

Hayley was born in Thousand Oaks, CA and moved to central Massachusetts at age 6.  She attended Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa where she studied sociology and art history. She was part of a volunteer service program that brought me to Seattle. I worked in fundraising at a local nonprofit. After my volunteer year, she was hired on by the nonprofit and continued to do fundraising and grant writing work for 2 years.  Prior to joining the Hot Diggity team she worked at a doggie daycare the summer after graduating college. “I loved getting to be outdoors playing with dogs all day and developing relationships with the dogs who would come regularly!”  Dogs (and cats) are so sweet, cuddly, and pure of heart.

When she isn’t walking dogs and cuddling with cats Hayley loves to paint, embroidery, or take walks by Lake Washington.

Hayley’s life motto-“It is in your own self-interest to find a way to be very tender” -Jenny Holzer

AK headshot


 Capitol Hill, First Hill, Madrona, Central District and surround areas

Amelia Gutsi (AK) she/they

A PNW native, she loved growing up taking along her furry family members while camping & hiking. She not only loves dogs & being outside as much as possible… she isn’t afraid of a little  adventure – once took a solo backpacking trip to the peninsula for a couple days in October during the rainy season!

A person of many skills, she is currently a small business owner, empowerment life coach, artist, advocate, reiki practitioner, forever student & dabbles in digital marketing for fun. Left traditional jobs to focus on her passion; utilizing her multifaceted creativity in expanding her online coaching business. Looking to adopt a small dog again in the near future; dog walking & pet sitting is a great way for her to balance sitting most of the day while having a lot of fun.

Amelia’s most relevant motto for 2020 is “What is possible?!” She regularly balances hard work with drinking a lot of herbal teas, getting outdoors & meditating to keep her vibe high.

B web headshot


Columbia City, Beacon Hill and parts of W. Seattle & Burien

B grew up rescuing pitbulls with their family in California and that is really what started their journey of working with animals. They cat sat, dog walked, and provided other animal care for friends and family since they were a teenager. They moved to Seattle in 2011 to study Anthropology at Seattle University and found out rather quickly how pet friendly our city truly is! Big, small, nervous, or energetic- B loves getting to know the personalities of all the animals they meet. They are starting classes soon to become a veterinary technician to continue to put their lifelong animal compassion to greater use.
B currently has 2 rescue cats, a leopard gecko, and various fishy/amphibian friends as part of their family in Burien, WA. When not giving every animal they meet extra love and attention, B is often cooking, reading, plant shopping, or spending time at the local PNW beaches!
RachelB cropped

Rachel B.

N. Beacon Hill, Beacon Hill, Columbia City, Mt. Baker, Rainier Valley

For 22 long Midwestern winters Rachel dreamed of trading in her parka for a light raincoat, and after completing her degree in psychology and art therapy in her exotic homeland of Ohio she decided it was time to make that dream a reality. She spent three good years working in direct service with Seattle’s low-to-no income population and is now going on her second year providing the city’s animal population with love and affection! She believes that the purpose of a human life is to love whoever is around to be loved, and that education is liberation. When she’s not making goofy faces at area pups you can find Rachel taking photos, drawings, over-sized macrame monstrosities, hiking, reading, and running in tiny circles with her two-year-old rabbit son, Louie.

Imaj cropped headshot


West Seattle, Beacon Hill, Columbia City

Imaj is a Seattle native, having lived her whole life in the area.  She attended South Seattle Community College where she studying psychology! Eventually she would like to be a child psychologist.

She lives by the motto “be happy when times get tough” and her friends will tell you she is kind, loyal and a little bit weird.
She loves working with pets and has had them her whole life. She feels that animals are amazing because they can understand respond to the things we say and they always give love. “It’s the best feeling to have a pet that can love you”

When she is not walking dogs she is practicing her drawing skills, she  likes to read as well as dancing when she has free time!



West Seattle, Columbia City, Burien, N. Renton

more info to come



West Seattle

Rebecca (Beks) started life in Montgomery, Alabama, then moved to D.C. When she was 20. She moved to the Seattle area because she is in the U.S Coast Guard and is stationed here.  Prior to joining the Coast Guard she studied Business Management. Beks has been around animals all her life, from the moment she came home from the hospital, but she started working as a pet sitter about 11 years ago.  She loves how warm and furry they are, and how they love you no matter what.

Her life motto? Smile at everyone you see because you never know what they are going through or how much they need you see your happiness at that moment in time.

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