Meet the Hot Diggity! Seattle Team

Hot Diggity! believes everyone deserves the love of a pet. We believe in treating our clients as we would treat ourselves, our friends, and our family. We believe our walkers and sitters are the best in the business and we strive to uphold a safe, respectful, fun, desirable place to work. Read on to meet our team of dedicated, Hot Diggity! pet care professionals.


Jill Nelson_27-min


Operations Manager

Born in Minnesota, Jill grew up on a small farm in the Midwest where her family raised goats, sheep, ducks, horses, and chickens. Her dad was a biology teacher and there were always interesting animals around the house including snakes, rats and once even a coyote and a flying squirel. While Jill has lived all over the United States from Florida, to Missouri, to Texas, to California, she is happy to call the state of Washington home. She has owned show dogs as well as “mutts” of all kinds. Currently she lives with her spouse and daughter, 4 cats (Apollo, Isis, Chocolate & Rascal) and a dog named Lucky. She holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, an MBA and and an M.Div. She is an avid kite flyer, animal lover, business consultant and life coach; in addition to running Hot Diggity! Seattle and Hot Diggity! Vancouver.

Life Motto: Real living is in the striving.




Ravenna, University, Mapleleaf, Laurelhurst, Wedgwood,
Windermere & Lake City

Tamara comes from the wide open spaces of Cheyenne, Wyoming. She found her way to Seattle because she wanted to work helping people improve their lives. She also studied to be a veterinarian assistant in college. Tamara LOVES just hanging out with dogs, watching them play and interact. She is without reservation an animal lover, and finds that they help her stay in the moment. She also love taking pictures and capturing those moments in time.



Magnolia,  Downtown, Belltown, Capitol Hill

Carla is a lifelong Seattlite who studied Humanities and Business Administration in college. Independent, spontaneous and loyal, she says that the best thing about animals is their capacity to love- yet each is unique! It is fun getting to know their different personalities and catering their care to fit what works for them! Pet sitting just comes naturally to Carla, she has always been the go-to person for pet sitting for all of my friends and neighbors. When she is not out and about walking does she loves to take trips to the local beach and woods for walks, meeting up with friends for happy hour, and riding her motorcycle. She lives by the motto “Always treat others how you would like to be treated, including all the animals :)”



Ballard, Fremont, Phinney Ridge, Greenlake,
Wallingford & Sunset Hill

Martha was born right here in Seattle and raised in Shoreline. She still lives in N. Seattle and dreams of pursuing a career in cosmetology someday. She also loves working with animals so for now is happy to be working with Hot Diggity!

Martha grew up with pets in her life. She had two dogs as a toddler and they were her first friends, so she always felt very connected with animals. What she loves about animals is how loving and loyal they are, and when you are having a bad day, animals can always cheer you up. Over the years she has had many animals which were just “part of the family”, they weren’t just pets to us. In her words; “We had 4 dogs at one point, a cat, gerbils, cockatiels and goldfish. If I had it my way now and had a house spacious enough, it would probably be like a zoo. As of right now though the only pet I can have is my little Holland Lop Bunny and he’s the best pet I’ve had. My bunny has free roam of our house and is litter trained so he is kind of like a dog, when I come home he greets me or just perks up when he hears my voice, it’s adorable.“

When Martha isn’t walking dogs or pet sitting she loves to traveling, adventuring through nature, jamming out to music in my car, and  do all things hair and makeup related.

Martha’s life motto is: “enjoy the world around me as much as I can while being the best person that I can be. “



Queen Anne, Magnolia, Downtown, Belltown, Capitol Hill

Joe grew up in Seattle, and got a degree in Sociology at Western Washington University. He has had a magnitude of pets throughout his life, and loves the bond you can form with another species. He started working With Hot Diggity in 2017, and is excited to take a break from his education to walk dogs while eventually working towards grad school. People describe him as laid back and easy going, but he will assure you that he is always ready to go on an adventure. Some of his hobbies, besides interacting with animals, includes art, filmmaking, programing, and hiking.

Joe’s motto: “do what you love so that you love what you do”

Will clise


Columbia City, Beacon Hill, N. Beacon Hill, N. Renton and surrounding areas

Before moving to the Seattle area Will called northern California home. He attended College of the Redwoods for computer science. His life motto is “never stop improving”.  Will is definitely a “do the right thing and bring caring to everything he does.

When asked what he loves about dogs, Will would say it is because their love in nearly unconditional. They are always reliable to help you feel better, especially when no person can.   When he is not working, his hobbies include playing video games, hiking, hanging out at bars or restaurants with friends, writing, and brainstorming business ideas.



Capitol Hill, First Hill, Downtown, Eastlake, Leschi, Madison Park, Madrona, and surrounding areas

Kaleigh is a Seattle native, and is currently studying at Animal Behavior College with the goal of becoming a Dog Trainer. She strives to be loving, encouraging, and upbeat.  When it comes to working with animals she says she loves how loyal and loving they are.

Kaleigh started working with animals professionally in August of 2017 but I have been involved in raising and training her own animals since she was 9 years old. When she isn’t taking care of Hot Diggity! clients her “hobbies” going to the beach, walking and training my own pups, and playing with my children.

Kaleigh’s life motto: work hard for what you want in life.

Jack summer-min


West Seattle, Columbia City, Burien, N. Renton

Jack moved from Utah to Seattle specifically because he loves dogs and there are so many here. He has been working with animals since 2003 at Petsmart. Jack went on to study art and animal behavior in school and has a certification as an animal behaviorist. Jack lives by the motto – Work hard, play hard. His family would tell you he is loyal, genuinely kind and honest. To Jack, animals are family, always there when you need them. When he isn’t out walking dogs he is hiking, camping, play video games, or hanging out with his one year old daughter.

Tasha & Winston-min


West Seattle, White Center

Tasha is a true Seattle native, having lived her whole life in the Emerald City. She studied culinary arts and specialty baking in college. If asked, her friends would tell you that she is friendly, thoughtful and always willing to lend a hand. She is a true animal person, appreciating that they will warm up to you quickly and shower you with love. She has been working with Hot Diggity! for almost 2 years, but has always had animals in her life. She grew up with dogs, cats and a bird. When Tasha isn’t out walking dogs she likes cooking and watching TV to relax.



West Seattle, White Center, Columbia City, Beacon Hill

Rebecca (Beks) started life in Montgomery, Alabama, then moved to D.C. When she was 20. She moved to the Seattle area because she is in the U.S Coast Guard and is stationed here.  Prior to joining the Coast Guard she studied Business Management. Beks has been around animals all her life, from the moment she came home from the hospital, but she started working as a pet sitter about 11 years ago.  She loves how warm and furry they are, and how they love you no matter what.

Her life motto? Smile at everyone you see because you never know what they are going through or how much they need you see your happiness at that moment in time.



Northgate, N. Seattle, Greenlake areas

Bryan is also a transplant to the Seattle area.  He enjoys hanging out with his furry clients when he is not in the yoga studio teaching classes.

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