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Chewing with dogs

January 26, 2010

Chewing is always a difficult problem with puppies, and it’s one that needs to be resolved for your pet to be a part of your household.
The good news is that most dogs do grow out of their chewing behavior. The bad news is that they can do quite a lot of damage before they do. Here are some ways to train your puppy:

Crate training – Crate-training is the most feasible option for many people, and it can keep your puppy feeling safe and secure when you’re away.

Reward conditioning – When you are around, watch him like a hawk. When you see him grabbing onto your leather loafers or a chair leg, distract him with some other, more attractive option. When he takes the rawhide chew or nylon bone or whatever “good” toy you want him to chew, give him lots of praise and petting.

A variety of chew toys – You may have to switch his toys around to keep him interested.

Preventing chewing – If your puppy tends to chew on a surface that is color safe and won’t be damaged (like your fingers), you can coat the surface in white vinegar or rubbing alcohol. The smell and taste will make the object much less tempting.

Don’t give up on your puppy – It can be hard to retrain an instinctive behavior like chewing, but it’s well worth it to have a happy, well-adjusted dog.


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