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DIY Dog Bowtie!

April 15, 2015

Are you going to a lot of pet-friendly weddings this summer? Maybe you’re just having a classy party on the lawn? There’s nothing cuter than a dog in a bowtie, and this DIY guide will show you how to make them! The matching possibilities are endless, and Fido told us the babes really dig it…



  • Fabric of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Dog Collar



1. Cut out a rectangle from your fabric. The size will vary depending on the size of your dog. I cut my fabric to 14 inches by 8 inches. You’ll be folding the rectangle of fabric into thirds twice, so keep that in mind. To get the right size, I held my fabric up to Topher after I folded it (see the steps below) to see how big the bowtie would be, and kept unfolding, trimming, and refolding until I found a size that looked good.

2. Hem your edges to keep them from fraying, or use pinking shears when you cut your fabric. Because Topher doesn’t tend to roll or shake about (and I don’t have pinking shears), I skipped hemming and made very sure that my edges were folded inwards and not showing later on.

3. Fold your rectangle in thirds, lengthwise.

4.Then, fold it into thirds again, in the other direction.

5. To create your bow shape, pinch the folded fabric together in the middle, then stitch down the center so the bow shape will stay in place. You can run this through a sewing machine, or hand stitch. I decided to hand stitch because it would take half the time of setting up my sewing machine.

6. Next, you’ll create the center “knot” of the bow tie using a long thin piece of fabric. Fold this piece in thirds as well to give it some extra weight to match the bow tie.

7. Wrap your second, folded fabric piece around your bow to see how big your loop should be. Leave a some extra room so you can slip your dog’s collar through.

8. Once you’ve measured the size of your loop, stitch it up and cut of the excess. Then, flip it right side out so the seam is on the inside of the loop.

9. Slip the loop back around the bow and your bowtie is done! Slide the collar through the middle loop and then grab your dog, because it’s time for a dapper puppy photo shoot!


Have fun making your own dog collar bowties!



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