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Sarah grew up in Alaska, and finally settled in Portland after traveling all over the country. She’s been with Hot Diggity! for 2 years and we’re so glad she found us! She’s heading out for a couple months this summer to study bats which is amazingly cool, but we will miss her very much. Luckily for us (and you) she will be back soon!


I went to school for wildlife biology; I leave Portland every summer to catch bats in Pennsylvania.  From ages 5 to 14 I raced sled dogs in Alaska (think very small sled, very small me, being pulled by 3-4 big dogs). I have also worked with animal shelters and rescue clinics.


What is your favorite part of being a dog walker and pet sitter?

Sometimes the owners of the dogs I walk jokingly tell me, “They [the dogs] like you more than us,” or “That’s the same way he greets me!” I’m getting paid to be loved and give love; it’s pretty awesome!


Animal care can lead to some pretty bizarre situations – we want to hear your best war stories. What’s the funniest/weirdest/most ridiculous walking-related story that you have?

Growing up we had a Springer Spaniel named Lady that would chase moose all over our neighborhood. It was hysterical and nerve wracking. I would be playing in the yard and all of a sudden through the bushes would come thundering a moose followed by my dog!