Meet the Vancouver Team

Hot Diggity! believes everyone deserves the love of a pet. We believe in treating our clients as we would treat ourselves, our friends, and our family. We believe our walkers and sitters are the best in the business and we strive to uphold a safe, respectful, fun, desirable place to work. Read on to meet our team of dedicated, Hot Diggity! pet care professionals.


Jill Nelson_27-min


Director of Operations

Born in Minnesota, Jill grew up on a small farm in the Midwest where her family raised goats, sheep, ducks, horses, and chickens. Her dad was a biology teacher and there were always interesting animals around the house including snakes, rats and once even a coyote and a flying squirel. While Jill has lived all over the United States from Florida, to Missouri, to Texas, to California, she is happy to call the state of Washington home. She has owned show dogs as well as “mutts” of all kinds. Currently she lives with her spouse and daughter, 4 cats (Apollo, Isis, Chocolate & Rascal) and a dog named Lucky. She holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, an MBA and and an M.Div. She is an avid kite flyer, animal lover, business consultant and life coach; in addition to running Hot Diggity! Seattle and Hot Diggity! Vancouver.
Life Motto: Real living is in the striving.


Maria M


W Vancouver / Salmon Creek /  Uptown

A transplant from the east coast, Maria has grown up in Vancouver and considers it her home.

She is currently enrolled in an area college and is studying to become a physical therapist.  Animals have always been a part of her life; she has pets of all kinds from rats, to dogs and cats, and ducks until her mother started animal rehabilitation and she began caring for squirrels and possums and Blue Jays and any creature that came their way. Animals have always been a strong presence in her life.

In her opinion animals are a comfort and joy to have in life. When she isn’t walking dogs, she is loves to dance, exercise, or read anything I can get my hands on,

Her life motto: “Be kind and work harder than yesterday”



Hazel Dell / Fort Vancouver / Downtown Vancouver / Uptown Vancouver / Minnehaha

Tiffany was born and semi-raised in Cupertino, California.  Her father was a Navy she moved around a lot growing up. She was fortunate to grow up around/with a menagerie of animals and discovered she was proficient caring for them, so she started working in pet care at the age of 13.  Eventually she settled in the Vancouver so she could be closer to her parents and family.

She is a veracious learner with interests in many subjects from art, to science, history, music, medicine, it’s all fascinating! A kind and loyal friend, which is what she loves about animals because they give unconditional love and companionship. When she isn’t taking care of her furry clients you can find her painting or singing or playing video games.

Tiffany’s life motto is “Never settle.”

Katlynn 2


Minnehaha/Mill Plain/E. Vancouver/Orchards/Five Corners

Kaity is a Vancouver native who has lived in this area her whole life.  In college she studied ceramic arts and art history. Kaity has grown up with pets in her life from a young age and has been taking care of other peoples’ pets for many years. What she loves most about the animals she works with is that they will always return to you all the effort, attention and love you give them many times over.   When she isn’t walking dogs and cuddling cats with Hot Diggity you can find her gardening, cooking or hiking.

Kris with Angel & Juno


Fisher’s Landing, Camas, Cascade Park East & West, Five Corners

Kris was born in Portland and used to walk to Kennedy Grade School before they served burgers and beer (it’s now McMenamin’s Kennedy School) and has lived in Portland most of her life. She currently lives in Vancouver, WA, did most of her growing up in Corbett, OR, before leaving to earn her degree in English Lit at Pacific U and Portland State. Kris has always had dogs and cats, began her “professional training” as a member of a Dog 4-H group in 5th grade, trained for the Portland Marathon with her Border Collie “Skipper” who she had taken in as a stray, has volunteered with the local Humane Society, ran her own dog care business in Tacoma for a couple of years, where she also worked at doggie daycare facilities. She often tells dogs that poo left on the ground is a human’s fault, not the dog’s, don’t take that on, and then cleans it up. She has worked primarily in government administration, supervisory and otherwise, as well as IT, is an avid reader and writer, and loves to balance that with being active with her own pets, and those of others. She is one of the original “weirdos” that made Portland weird in the first place, loves music, humor, people, and of course animals. She moved back to the Portland-Vancouver area in 2019 after four years in Tacoma.

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