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Daily Dog Walking provides your dog an opportunity to get exercise, personal attention, affection and play, while you are at work or busy with other errands. Research shows that dogs who have enough exercise feel less stress, exhibit fewer signs of separation anxiety, and have a healthier social temperament. In simple terms: a walked dog is a happy dog. When you hire Hot Diggity! Dog Walking and Pet Sitting, we’ll tailor a dog walking program that is customized to meet your dog’s specific exercise needs.

We offer choices of 15-minute, 30-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute walks (longer can be arranged). Dog walking is available 7 days a week from 9 am–7 pm and can be scheduled daily, a few times a week, or on an as-needed basis. While our dog walking services are scheduled to be one-on-one, we can arrange to have another dog along if you’d like your pooch to have some social time.

When using our Daily Dog Walking Service, you can relax knowing your dog is in good hands and getting the affection and exercise he or she deserves.

Dog Running

Some dogs need an intense, sustained, bout of exercise to tire them out and a walk just won’t do. For them, we have added our new Dog Running service to our offerings. This service is available alone or in conjunction with our Dog Walking service (please inquire if it is available in your area when scheduling). We will design a route in your neighborhood that gives both our runner and your dog the best jog possible. Dog running appointments last from 30 to 45 minutes and include warm up and cool down time. This service is especially popular for mid to large breed puppies and dogs in their prime years (one to seven).

Potty Breaks

This quick visit is perfect for the pet who may need a quick potty break during the day, such as a senior dog or puppy going through house-training. This visit is also helpful if you have a late work day planned or if your pet needs medication administered.


PET TAXI – Shuttle service to the park, the groomer or the vet
HOME SECURITY AND HOUSE SITTING VISITS – If you’re away and your pets are with you, we’ll stop by the house to make sure every thing is A-OK
WELCOME HOME GROCERY SERVICE – We’ll pick up a few groceries for you if you arrive late in the evening
PET GOODS DELIVERY – We’ll go to the pet store for you and bring the food/supplies on our next visit
ATTENDANT SERVICE – We’ll wait for the cable person so you don’t have to!



Vacation Pet Sitting (Drop-In Care)

Pets are happiest when they’re in their own home. With our Vacation Pet Sitting Service, you let them stay in their own environment even when you can’t be there. We will come in and care for your pets once, twice, three, or four times per day as needed, making every attempt to maintain your pet’s regular routine. Each visit can be scheduled for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length and includes the following:

All the love, hugs, tummy rubs, and attention your pet needs
Fresh food, water and treats
Walks, exercise and playtime
Potty breaks and cleanup of pet waste
Medication administration
Cleaning/tidying up of pet areas
Collecting newspaper, mail and packages
Watering your indoor/outdoor plants and gardens
Alternating lights and blinds
Putting out trash
Caring for your outdoor wildlife (squirrels/birds)
Any other reasonable pet or home related tasks—we personalize every visit to accommodate you and your pets needs!

Overnight Pet Sitting

(House Sitting and Pet Sitting in your home)

Sometimes a drop-in visit just isn’t enough. Hot Diggity! offers professional Overnight Pet Sitting for those pets who prefer to have a more frequent human presence (and a person to cuddle with them at night!). Overnight Pet Sitting also includes all house sitting related tasks as listed above.

The overnight fee includes a minimum of: the evening pet care (dinner and walking) routine between 4-7p.m., overnight stay (check-in by 10 p.m.), and the morning pet care (breakfast and walking) routine (6 -9 a.m.). If an additional mid-day walk is needed, it can be scheduled at a discounted rate. Keep in mind that your pet sitter will have other pet sitting rounds, but will be using your home as his/her “home base”. The time spent with your pets will vary based on your sitter’s schedule, but will always include at least the minimum time stated above and, likely, more. Additionally, our clients can feel secure knowing that their home has the added measure of security that Overnight Pet Sitting provides. Consider this option the closest thing to being home yourself.

Please note: Due to the exclusivity of Overnight Pet Sitting reservations, we must decline any overnight requests that conflict with your reservation. Therefore, any Overnight Pet Sitting reservation requires a 50% deposit at the time of booking.

In-Room Hotel Pet Sitting

Traveling for fun or for business sometimes means the family pets get to come along, too! When you want to enjoy area attractions like shopping, gallery hopping, or touring the wine country, or go out for a nice dinner at one of Vancouver’s fantastic restaurants, our pet sitters will provide one-on-one pet care in the comfort of your hotel room. We’ll take your pets on walks, enjoy playtime, provide regular feedings, administer any necessary medication, and make sure your pets get plenty of love and attention so you can enjoy your time out on the town.

Please give us a call to discuss your specific needs.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Pet Sitter?

While some pets do just fine in a kennel, many become highly stressed due to the change of environment and constant stimulation of a boarding facility.
Your pets can stay in their normal, comfortable environment and can stick to their routine.
Your pets won’t risk accidents or illnesses from other pets at a boarding facility.
Your pets won’t have the stress of an unfamiliar
environment on top of the stress of their owner being away.
Your pets won’t have to share space with an untold number of animals they don’t know.
Your pets won’t have to be confined in a kennel or small room for a large part of their day.
Your pets get individualized, focused attention from their pet sitter.
Your home has someone keeping an eye on it and making it look lived-in while you are away.
You can relax on your trip knowing that your pets and home are being well cared for, and that all of their needs are being met by a loving pet sitter.

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