Meet the Portland Team

Hot Diggity! believes everyone deserves the love of a pet. We believe in treating our clients as we would treat ourselves, our friends, and our family. We believe our walkers and sitters are the best in the business and we strive to uphold a safe, respectful, fun, desirable place to work. Read on to meet our team of dedicated, Hot Diggity! pet care professionals.


Jill Nelson_27-min


Director of Operations 

Born in Minnesota, Jill grew up on a small farm in the Midwest where her family raised goats, sheep, ducks, horses, and chickens. Her dad was a biology teacher and there were always interesting animals around the house including snakes, rats and once even a coyote and a flying squirrel. While Jill has lived all over the United States from Florida, to Missouri, to Texas, to California, she is happy to call the state of Washington home. She has owned show dogs as well as “mutts” of all kinds. Currently she lives with her spouse, 2 cats (Chocolate & Rascal) and a dog named Lucky. She holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, an MBA and an M.Div. She is an avid kite flyer &  animal lover; in addition to running Hot Diggity! Seattle and Hot Diggity! Vancouver and Hot Diggity PDX.

Life Motto: “the impact we make by being compassionate and caring is more important then money or fame.  Money and fame comes and goes, but love is eternal.”  



Scheduling and Hiring Coordinator

Jessica has lived in Portland for most all of her life and has never met another city she’d rather live in. She has been a lover of all animals and bugs since a child, and spent most of her growing years climbing trees, playing in the dirt, and tumbling.  Before joining the Hot Diggity team Jessica spent her time serving the community in the health, wellness, and fitness world; managing large teams and working with small children to help build healthy lifestyle habits. Jessica’s favorite place to be is outside, and when she’s not obsessing over the HD fur babies, you can find her adventuring with her own dogs, thrift store shopping, or creating something new out of old materials.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Erin


Customer & Staff Administration

You’d never guess, but as a child Erin was afraid of dogs! All that changed when her aunt raised the sweetest and gentlest Great Dane ever. After befriending the pony-sized lapdog, it was hard to be intimidated by the smaller dogs she met, and soon her lifelong love for all things canine began! Erin is blessed to have a spunky little Border Collie mix named Mia, who might just be the love of her life (the hubby understands). When she isn’t walking dogs, teaching Mia new tricks, or romping at the dog park, you can find Erin indulging her obsession for all things vintage, retro, and mid-century.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter and Admin, Elizabeth


Customer & Staff Administration

Growing up in the Pacific NW, Elizabeth developed lasting love for animals, the great outdoors, and mastering new handicrafts. She has worked as a professional pet sitter all over the country (from California to Vermont) but it’s the story of alpaca-sitting while working a small organic dairy that frequently graces her dinner table when relaying a memory. After a few years working alongside Hot Diggity! as a pet care provider and part-time admin in Portland, Elizabeth was promoted to Hot Diggity’s Eastside Operations Manager. Now, she works remotely while fulfilling a lifelong dream of running her own homestead on the coast of Maine. In her free time, you can find her building gardens, exploring the woods with her White German Shepherd, Canis Lupus, sewing dresses from her own design, exploring rummage sales, and studying astrology and herbal healing practices.

Life Motto: “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” ~Anais Nin

Allie headshot


Scheduling Team 

Despite growing up in the heart of Los Angeles City, Alison developed a love for animals of all shapes and sizes from an early age. From guinea pigs to goats, from ducks to dogs— they have all joined her family at one point or another. Alison’s educational and professional background are in English Literature and Legal Services. Working extensively as an ESL tutor and a Writing Associate for the University of Oregon, it still felt like something was missing. (Hint: it was the animals). University brought Alison to Oregon, but after graduating the wildlife convinced her to stay. Her spare time is spent hiking with her pups, admiring forest fungi, or convincing the crows to befriend her. Happy to finally merge her passions with her professional life, you can find Alison behind the screen, fawning over every pet’s picture in between getting your walks scheduled.



Scheduling Team

An East Coast native, Vanessa moved to Portland armed with hope and eight paws. With Hot Diggity Pet Sitting she found the opportunity a pet lover could only dream of, a mix of business and pleasure.
As a born seeker, Vanessa believes that many of life’s answers appear in the present, in each precious moment. Who better than to remind of us this than our furry, hairy, scaled, and sometimes winged companions.
When not answering phones or scouring over daily schedules you can find Vanessa running through Portland’s downtown or practicing yoga at a local studio



Customer & Staff Administration 

Toni grew up on the west coast and has lived all over the state but Portland will always be where they love to call home. Toni has spent over 15 years working with animals in a variety of settings from racing stables to vet clinics. After spending 5 years with us as a care provider they are excited to now be a part of our admin team. When Toni is not working they enjoy exploring the many local restaurants this wonderful city has to offer. You might also find them at any of the local thrift shops or parks throughout town. At home, Toni spends their time tending to their plants and cuddling Meowshmallow their very affectionate cat. You will almost always find them cooking something and they are always happy to share.



Customer & Staff Administration 

Paige loves dogs and has grown up with them her whole life. All different breeds, personalities, energy levels, she’s seen it all and can handle anything. She currently has two of her own; a red nose Pitbull named Sake and a Pomeranian named Boomer. She has a background in obedience training, dog grooming where she specialized in large, double coated breeds, and while growing up her family trained hunting dogs. After working in the field as a walker, she has joined our administrative team.


This could be you!

Customer & Staff Administration 



Nikkola Headshot


Downtown Lead/ SW Portland Support

Born and raised in Oregon, Nikkola has always had a passion for animal welfare. From a young age, they dedicated themselves to caring for the neighborhood pets and wildlife. In high school, they fell into the world of domestication, taking part in FFA and their family ranch, and experienced what it’s like to care for farm animals. Throughout their college career at Oregon State University, they fell further in love with wildlife through rehabilitation programs at the Chintiminee Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. They finished their Zoology degree in Namibia, living in a small, secluded village for several months while caring for and studying cheetahs, livestock, and a plethora of African wildlife. Their journey has reaffirmed Nikkola’s passion for maximizing animal welfare in a captive environment, hoping to one day achieve their lifelong dream of becoming a keeper at the Oregon Zoo. They found themselves at Hot Diggity’s doorstep upon their return to the states, immediately striving for optimal pet care and compassion.



Northwest Portland / Sylvan / Downtown Support

Joey is originally from Medford, OR, but moved to Portland to go to college where they studied Sociology and Philosophy.  Joey has always had animals around growing up and volunteered at animal shelters. But this is their first
official job with animals.

“Animals are so amazing, how they have the capacity to love without judgement or the need to understand. They simply feel. Plus, they’re adorable and all unique in their own personal quirks. Animals are just fun to be around.”

When Joey isn’t working they are doing art, especially drawing and painting. Or rockhounding and finding cool plants and mushrooms on walks in the woods. Or maybe just enjoying a really good conversation.



Downtown and East Side Support

Victoria is originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin! She moved to Portland because she went on a road trip with her best friend and fell in love with the PNW! Victoria went to college at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay and graduated with a major in Public Policy and two minors in Political Science and International Global Studies! Victoria enjoy walks, hiking, collaging, music, reading, and my biggest hobby is photography! She love taking photos. She has always loved animals, and grew up in the country where we always had a ton of animals around!

this could be you


Slabtown / Pearl District / Old Town

Deets to follow

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Whitney


Northwest Hills / Bethany / Cedar Mill

Working with Hot Diggity! is a perfect fit for an animal lover like Whitney! She has had cats, turtles, dogs, reptiles, birds, and fish throughout her life, and was particularly fond of rabbits in the 4th grade. Whitney is always excited to meet a new Hot Diggity! (human) client, but it’s the pets that really make her light up. Since moving from California she misses her four family pups a ton, but dog walking and pet sitting is filling that void. Her modest goal? To meet every dog in Portland!

“Whitney takes such good care of our Duchess. She is always in great spirits when we get home. In fact, we actually wonder if she looks disappointed that we’re not Whitney! And we also appreciate that we always come home to a clean house. We don’t often encounter people who go above and beyond like Whitney.” – Caroline C.

Humperdink and me (1)


West Beaverton / Aloha / Murray Hill

Indy has always had a love for our furry friends. Growing up and living in Oregon she has owned cats all her life. She currently is owned by her kitty named Humperdink. Indy also has a love for our small animal friends and in the past has also owned sugar gliders. Ever since she was a kid she knew she wanted to work with animals. When she was younger she was always curious about dogs, but wasn’t around them much. Working at Hot Diggity she has found her love for all their drooling kisses and tail wags and can’t believe she held out for so long. Walking with all the dogs and visiting all the kitties that come to Hot Diggity gives her such joy and she can’t wait to meet her next furry (or fur-less) pal!

When you find her in the odd times not petting an animal, you may find Indy playing a board or video game, gardening, re-reading a favorite book, or doing a puzzle.

People assume that time is a strict progression of cause and effect. But actually it’s more like a big ball of wibbly, wobbly, time wimey.. stuff” – The Tenth Doctor in “Blink”



Tigard / South Beaverton / Gardenhome

Austin is a Portland native who has always loved the green state of Oregon. The love of animals runs deep in his family from having cats and dogs at a young age. He and his sister Deanne are actually both pet care providers at Hot Diggity! During the school year Austin works as a substitute teacher, but he is very excited to bring his lifelong love of animals to a new career field. In his spare time, you might find him playing with his roommates puppy Tango or making music on his computer.

“Austin was awesome! Our cat got along great with him and he got pictures with her everyday, which was amazing and helpful to us as pet parents.” – Laura W.



King City / Tualatin / Lake Oswego

Molly has an interest in being outdoors, specially with going on walks, hiking, and doing photography. Molly has always had a love for animals as she grew up on a farm working with all different kinds of animals, big and small! She has owned different kinds of pets, including horses, rabbits, and dogs. Currently, she only has 2 cats in her home that she helps take care of. She’s a pretty outgoing person, who is deeply caring so she always tries to go above and beyond! Especially when it comes to taking care of animals.

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of Sadie and Chauncey! We appreciate it so much and loved getting all the pictures and updates!” – Amie S.

image0 (1)


Southwest Hills / Beaverton / Multnomah

Emma grew up in the Chicago suburbs. After college (she majored in math) she moved to Portland based on the recommendation of a friend who told her she “would like it.”  Her friend was right. Emma is a caring and energetic person who just loves animals because they “are a lot less complicated and easier to understand than humans.”  Emma has spent her whole life around animals, with all kinds of pets including dogs, cats, frogs, a turtle, a snake, hamster’s and rabbits. As a kid she volunteered at a rabbit rescue.  When she isn’t walking dogs and entertaining other people’s pets she likes to work out, play video games and read.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Tess


Southwest Hills / Corbett / Terwilliger / Lair hill

Formerly a Special Ed teacher and stay-at-home mom to three awesome daughters, Tess has joined the Hot Diggity! team after a cross-country move from Maryland. When not caring for pets you may find Tess with her family, hiking, paddle boarding, at an outdoor concert venue or hanging with her 6 year old standard poodle, Indie, who’s both a great running partner and the very best foot warmer for winter Netflix binges. Tess is also an avid readers and podcast aficionado, so don’t be surprised when you see her with headphones on. Tess, a lifelong animal lover says, “Dog walking has been a great fit for my ‘staying active’ goals!”

“Another AMAZING visit with Tess. Our pups and home are so well taken care of and we are 100000000% happy to have Hot Diggity! and Tess in our home when we are gone. If you have met us, you know we are a little crazy about our dogs and won’t leave them with “just anyone.” Tess is always a rock star and our other sitters have been great as well! We LOVE HD PDX!” – Kelly B.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Steven


Bethany / Rock Creek / Elmonica

Hailing from Chicago and Los Angeles, Steven is happy to now call Portland his new home. Growing up, Steven had two dogs which prepared him for taking excellent care of all the Hot Diggity! pets he now interacts with. His favorite routes are the ones that take him and his charges to one of the many awesome dog parks in town. Some pets take longer than others to warm up to a new face, but Steven has shown time and time again that he has the patience and gentle touch to get shy pets to open up and trust him. In addition to playing with dogs, Steven enjoys exploring his new city, going on hikes, planning adventures, and just generally enjoying the beautiful Pacific NW environment.

“Steven did an excellent job with my JayJay. He communicated with me daily, sending photos and updates to let me know JayJay was doing well, and my home was clean and tidy upon my arrival.” – Carmen R.

this could be you


King City / Tigard / Murray Hill

More deets to come 

Sarah H 1

Sara H.

Lake Oswego/ King City / West Linn

Sara H was born and raised in SW Portland. She is an artist, primarily focusing on photography and pyrography(wood burning), with animals being one of her favorite subjects for each. She left her day job to focus on her art as well as to have more time to travel and do volunteer work with both animals and humans(especially while traveling). Her cat Nina is currently her only fur baby and completely against Sara’s desire to add a new pup to their lives, Hot Diggity to the rescue! She is thrilled to be getting to spend time with so many great animals and treating them as an extension of her own family!

Julia B


Lake Oswego/ King City / West Linn

Julia is a  Northwest native who grew up in Portland.  She attended college in Bend, earning a degree in Biology and is still exploring her options.  She might describe herself as dorky and introverted, but she is an animal lover through and through.  Her family calls her “the animal whisperer” It doesn’t matter how many legs they have or if they have scales, she loves them all.  She has been fostering kittens since she was young and has worked around animals as much as she can.

Julia’s moto: “if my life is going to mean anything, I’ve got to live it for myself.”


Natalie G

Lake Oswego / West Portland

A native of Tacoma, Natalie found her way to Lake Oswego via LA. Drawn to the area by its natural beauty and magic she settled down and calls Portland home.  Natalie studied Acting in college and has a degree in the science of alternative medicine.  Her love of animals is a life long love. She grew up with pets in the home and started caring for neighbors pets and volunteering at the humane society while a teen.  Creative by nature, she loves vegan cooking and baking, medical herbalism, and Reiki. She also loves a good fantasy book or scary movie and reading tarot cards.

Her moto: The secret ingredient to life is always love.

Jennifer M

Jennifer M

Aloha / Hillsboro / Beaverton

Born in SoCal, Jennifer arrived to Beaverton in 2018 after completing her degree in graphic design at Cal Poly Pomona for a change from the fast-paced nature of the area. While still in CA, Jennifer already enjoyed walking dogs with WAG, and upon her arrival to Portland, reached out to Hot Diggity to be able to experience the unfettered joy and judgement-free nature of animals in her new home in the PNW. When Jennifer isn’t walking dogs, she enjoys driving through Oregon’s scenic emerald wilderness, or relaxing at home in front of a fire with a good movie playing as the rain falls outside.

Life Motto: “Make It Count!”


Mary W

Aloha / Hillsboro / Beaverton

Mary believes working with Hot Diggity! is the job that dreams are made of. Growing up in the mountains of Asheville, NC, she has always found solace in having a sweet furry fluff or 2 to share her days with. She has always been a lover of animals, growing up with cats and dogs, riding horses and the ultimate saver of bugs when someone is about to stomp on one of them. She was the kid neighbors asked to look after their pets while they were away. It was evident early on that she developed a love for providing peace and ease to pet owners who were unable to bring their furry friends along on their travels. After receiving both an Associate in Arts and Science degrees, she worked as a Veterinary Technician for 10 years, providing love and care for her patients as well as building relationships with their owners.  She loves to hike, hug trees, explore and travel. In fact, it was these key traits that brought her and her husband, along with their own furry crew, from North Carolina to Oregon.

Life Motto: “Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection. The lovers, the dreamers and me…”- Kermit the Frog 

this could be you


Beaverton/SW Portland

Izzabella is a true Portland native, born and raised right her. She has moved around a few times so is well acquainted with a wide area of Portland.  “I’d like to think I live my life to grow plants and love animals. If I’m not outdoors, you can find me inside in a cozy chair reading or playing games. I have always had a passion for outdoors, reading and animals. Ever since I was 7 my life has always involved animals. Either my own dogs and birds or neighborhood travelers who needed a doggie bed and food bowl for a little while. It wasn’t until my late great pup Sebastian wanted to be involved in helping others that I decided to get certifications for him to be an aid/support dog and for myself harness and dog behavior certificates. We spent our time together loving new friends up until his passing last January. He would be so happy that I get to meet a whole new load of friends to share some joy with. “


Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Paola!


Richmond / Hosford-Abernathy / Buckman / Ladd’s Addition

After years of dog and cat sitting for friends and caring for her Bernese Mountain Dog, Sammy, Paola loves to treat pets like a part of her family. Since moving to Portland, her love for animals and nature led to a position with Hot Diggity! and volunteering at the Wildlife Care Center at Audubon Society of Portland. She feels happiest backpacking, traveling, studying ecology and conservation, and caring for your beautiful pets!

“I’ve really appreciated Paola taking Wolfgang on walks, staying with him, playing with him, and giving him delicious treats over this past year. He told me that he loves her visits with him and he looks forward to them every day. It’s clear that Paola loves doggies and being a dog walker!” – Amber M



Overlook / Boise / King

More Info to come



St Johns/North Portland

Kaleb hails from Houston, TX but fell in love with Portland when he visited and decided to return to the area to attend school. He has been around animals all of his live but landed his first pet related position in 2018.  Animals are the best because they are full of love and the bar that they set in terms of their compassion raises a hard one for humans to compete with. Hard working and funny, Kaleb loved to hike, and fish and find great places to eat when he isn’t taking care of Hot Diggity clients.


Mary W

Woodlawn / Piedmont / Arbor Lodge

Originally from Minnesota, where she studied photography and graphic design. Mary came to the Northwest just to see another part of the country and to escape the cold winters. She has had animals her entire life.  Dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, turtles, fish and even a salamander. In her opinion the best thing about animals is that they don’t expect anything from us. They give and want unconditional love. Nothing is better than that.

When she isn’t working she loves to hike with her Aussie Ruby, travel and spend time with family and friends.

Her motto: Never judge anyone. You don’t know their story & everyone has a great story!



Cully / Rose City Park / Parkrose Heights

Gio is originally from Miami, FL but came to Portland in 2019 to work in the cannabis industry.

He has always had dogs in his life growing up. They’ve been apart of his family for a long time and he has always felt like he has a natural ability to work with our furry friends.

When he is not walking dogs, he is an active PC gamer. but he also enjoys going on nature hikes and being in the outdoors, as well as attending concerts.

Gio’s life motto: Treat others how you’d want to be treated!


Sara Joy

Northeast Portland / Alameda / Rose City Park

Sara Joy hails from SE Portland where she has lived her entire life. She grew up in the vibrant Hawthorne District, enjoying the quirky beauty and diversity of the city. A lifelong animal lover, Sara has experience with dogs of all sizes, as well as cats, birds, fish, and rodents. She loves art and photography and spending time with her pug, Archie.

“Incredible dog walking service! Sara Joy is the greatest dog walkers, she’s so careful with our dog’s aging hips. She’s always on time, spends the agreed-upon amount of time out with our dog and sends lots of smiling pictures (my favorite part)! Easy to use chat service and they’re very quick to respond and flexible. When our walker was sick for a couple days, back-up walkers came and they were equally delightful and well-informed about our dog. We’re pretty particular about who takes care of this sweet guy, and we really trust Hot Diggity!” – Gabe T.

Liv web pic


Woodlawn / King / Alameda

Liv (pronounced ‘Leave’) was born and raised in northern Minnesota amongst the Norwegian Elkhounds and snow; but she moved to Gettysburg when she was seven years old and considers those foggy battlefields of Pennsylvania to be her hometown.  She came to Oregon about three and a half years ago and has happily been working with Hot Diggity since June of 2019.  Liv graduated college from York Pennsylvania in Mass Communications and went on to work in film and television in Washington D.C. and Baltimore for nine years before needing a break and moving out west.  She has plenty of experience with fur babies of all shapes, sizes and breeds and does overnight pet sits, hikes, runs and nail trimming (amongst other things) for the HD Team.  She currently lives in NE with a cat named Birdie. 



Boise / Alameda / Northeast Portland

Tara grew up in Pennsylvania, and after a brief stint in DC working in political fundraising, she moved to Portland to study graphic design at PNCA. A lifelong animal lover, Tara has always had dogs in her life, from Mr. Chips to Frodo. In addition to her pup, she often has a furry houseguest as the favorite aunt of her friend’s dogs.  With a son in college and a daughter in high school, Tara has love and affection to spare for her clients’ fur babies. Outside of her Hot Diggity duties, Tara enjoys podcasts, puzzles, hanging out with friends and travel.


Natalie S

Grant Park / Irvington / Hollywood

Natalie is an experienced dog enthusiast. She has owned a Giant Schnauzer named Cigan, and a Wheatendoodle named Muffin in her youth. She currently helps her parents take care of their 129lb. Shepardoodle, Mischa. When she’s not busy with her two middle school kids, or a part-time freelance graphic design business, she walks and trains dogs at the Oregon Humane Society once a week. She loves to bring dogs joy, because she believes animals make us better people. She loves to break up her day with walks, rain or shine. She looks forward to meeting your pets, and giving them a fun outlet while you’re busy.

“We are back and wanted to thank Natalie for all her time and attention to our animals! She was really great and we appreciated all the wonderful communication and photos. We will definitely love to have her again for our next trip.” – Carol B.



Arbor Lodge / Overlook / Woodlawn

A transplant from Massachusetts whose friends would describe him as goofy, humorous, and a bit Lisa Simpson-y, Matthew’s curiosity about whether people are nicer in the Pacific Northwest (they are, says Matthew!) brought him to Portland, where his interests in filmmaking, political discourse, and vegan living could develop among like-minded folks. After getting his start working with animals at the age of 16 in a local horse stable, Matthew knew he wanted to work with animals in his adulthood as well. He is happy to have the opportunity to get to know the many wonderful pets in HD’s care!

The question is not, Can they reason?, nor Can they talk? but, Can they suffer? Why should the law refuse its protection to any sensitive being?” –

quote by Jeremy Bentham regarding animal rights.

Hez HD profile pic


Gresham / Wilkes / Mill Park

Hez been around animals literally his whole life.  He grew up on a working cattle ranch,  surrounded by horses, cows, chickens, dogs, cats, pigs, goats. His Family always had a pet in the house away from the ranch, from Brittany Spaniels to Boston Terriers to calicos to Siamese cats. He was also a vet tech in Austin, TX for about 4 years. Everywhere he go, he always pulled into the world of caring for animals and he loves it.
 Hez was born in Odessa TX, but grew up in Algeria, Africa and New Mexico.  At Lubbock Christian University he studied Biology and English.  He relocated to Portland, OR in 2014 so his wife could study nursing.
Hez finds joy in listening and making music, standup comedy and cooking. But his true joy is his beautiful, amazing and awesome wife Theresa. She’s an ICU nurse at Providence- “I wouldn’t be me without her”.
Life motto: Stay cool, make ’em laugh and do no harm


Southeast Portland / Hosford – Abernethy

More info to come



Mount Scott / Lents / Woodstock

Meagan growing up has always had a deep love for all living things. From family pets, to random dogs she meets on the street, she has always shown nothing but love and compassion towards furry friends. At parties you can find her in the corner petting the dog or cat. From the moment she wakes up to when she falls asleep her mind is occupied with the care, treatment, and love of dogs, cats, plants, basically any living thing. At home she has a fluffy Keeshond named Claudio, who through much training and affection has learned 18 tricks, is the bestest boy, and shares the same kindness and gentleness that she radiates. No matter the animal she loves each and everyone of them equally, treating them like they were one of her own.

“I just want to thank you guys for the wonderful care of our pack while we were gone. Meagan was superb and we came home to a very clean house and happy pups. Top Notch!” – Shannon W.

teegan 2021


Centennial / Gresham / Rockwood / Montavilla

Teegan‘s a bit all over the place: she’s a musician, she’s into computer programming, she’s looking to get into nursing school eventually–but when it comes to dogs, she’s singularly focused on making them feel happy and loved. She’s got two adorable chihuahua mixes with her partner, who is also part of the Hot Diggity family.

“We will totally be using your service again in the future. I now feel like I will be able to leave town and know my girls are in good hands and my house is taken care of. Thank you so much! The updates, the pics all of it was amazing. My girls were well taken care of. ” – Bruce J.
Chance 2


Milwaukie / Mt Scott / Happy Valley

Chance is just a small town girl who found her way to Portland. She is currently studying Psychology and Writing/Literature while working with Hot Diggity.  Passionate and caring by nature, Chance has grown up with animals and believes that they can heal you with their unconditional love.  She started pet sitting when she was 12 or 13 and has been caring for pets ever since.  For the last 5 years pet sitting and dog walking has been her profession.  When she isn’t studying or working with pets, Chance loves to hula hoop, hike, skate and snowboard.

Her moto: Never stop growing.

Lynn W 1


Sellwood / Milwaukie / Gladstone

 Many years ago when her children were young Lynn started volunteering in animal shelters as a dog walker.  She quickly discovered how much joy these incredible animals gave her and how much they taught her about life.
From then on she been in the pet care business.  For over 10 years she worked as a dog trainer for a large per store.   Born in Pennsylvania, she moved to this area to be closer to her children. Lynn exudes positivity and lives by the motto “do the best that you can!”  When she isn’t walking dogs she loves to paint, listen to music, travel and spend time at the beach.
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Northeast Portland / Woodlawn / King

More to come

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Central Eastside / Kerns / Laurelhurst

 More to come


Southeast Portland / Mt Tabor / Sunnyside – Belmont

Isabel was born in Oklahoma and moved to Oregon in 2014. Her first pet, a boxer named Dempsey, started her love for animals. She began volunteering at an animal shelter at 8 years old, walking and socializing dogs and those are some of her best memories. She always knew she wanted to work with animals for a living and has worked pet sitting, in boarding facilities and at a feline only veterinary clinic. Over the years caring for animals she has learned that each animal is unique and has individual needs. She has endless patience and compassion for every animal. In her free time Isabel loves being with family and friends, music and exploring the city.

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NE Portland 

 More to come

Pet Sitters

supporting pet sitters

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Janna!


A fine artist adept at realism, Janna started walking dogs after quitting her day job as a graphic designer; she couldn’t be happier to spend so much time outside caring for people’s pets. Trading screen time for exercise and animal care rejuvenated her art practice; she started making collages and has since amassed a huge body of work, which has been shown in Seattle and Portland. You can see Janna’s work at her website or follow her on Instagram @janna_dorothy. When she’s not in her studio cutting up old books, she loves to bake, make preserves, do yoga, and sing. Janna is thankful to be trusted with caring for Portland’s best friends on a daily basis.

“Really impressive service, from the website on down! Janna was so professional and yet it was obvious that she was a ‘dog person.’ Rookie absolutely loved her!” – Anne C.



Killian is Portland-grown and has lived in the area for 28 years, loving every inch of it. He has 12 years in the animal industry, including volunteering at the Oregon Humane Society, working pet retail and being a dog trainer. He starts every day with his favorite fuel, coffee. He loves hiking and spending time with his own pack of pups when he’s not with his Hot Diggity! friends.

We specifically requested Killian because we knew he would do an amazing job of taking care of Dennis and that held true. He went above and beyond for Dennis and we felt comforted knowing he was in great hands!” – Melanie H.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Dannielle!


Dannielle is an Oregonian who grew up on a ranch outside of Forest Grove with dogs, horses, cows, and chickens. After a six-year stint in Seattle where she met her husband, Dannielle moved right back to her beloved home state of Oregon. A pet sitter since age twelve, Dannielle’s longest pet sit was for a full year as her client served time in the military. An avid traveler, concert-goer, and adventure-seeker, Dannielle loves all animals and cherishes the opportunity to be a voice for them!

“My pets were so relaxed and happy when I came home. Dannielle did excellent work. I really appreciated and enjoyed all the lovely photos she took. I share them with my friends and folks I meet all the time.” – Heidi G



I moved to Portland from Madras to go to college. Enrolled at PCC for English Literature with hopes of becoming a writer. I also considered going the psychology route. I actually asked my best friend and He said that the three words that best describe me are intelligent, studious, and compassionate. What I love about animals is how intuitive they are. They feel and sense energy. I love the way they immediately spark joy and get happy about the little things. Lastly, I love the way they genuinely express how/what they’re feeling. They’re honest. Officially, I started working with animals around Christmas of 2019 but I grew up with animals so they’ve always been a part of my life. I’m an aspiring writer and find insight in nature. I’ll be going about my day and will create a poem on the spot or write a story as I walk. I also enjoy troubleshooting, which comes from my interest in philosophy.
Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Jenni G!


Jenni is happy to return to her hometown of Beaverton after studying technical theater in London and working both in Scotland and California for many years. She’s always loved animals, having grown up with a cocker spaniel and two cats. In California she adopted Sunny, a ginger kitty, from the Humane Society and they shared 18 1/2 years together. Now, she and her roommate co-parent a dwarf bunny named Sofie. Jenni absolutely loves all animals and just feels a natural happiness and calmness when around fur babies. A pet sitter for the past 20 years, Jenni feels an instant bond with dogs and cats. In her free time, Jenni is a fan of Formula 1 racing, art glass fusing, and spending time with her new nephew George!  In three words, Jenni could be described as loyal, caring and easy going.

“After their walk, I was so pleased to see that my boys were given plenty of love, including some brushing. I don’t get to spend as much time as I’d like to with them, so I’m happy to see that they are getting such great quality time with Jenni.” – Elisabeth M.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Stephanie J!

Stephanie J

Stephanie was born and raised in Chicago, IL where she worked for many years as a fashion photographer. Along the way, clothing design, personal training and yoga instruction were added to her resume.  In 2014, inspired by a desire to be closer to nature and to live in a more relaxed city, she moved to Portland–it’s been everything she hoped! Volunteering with the Pixie Project reminded her how much she loves working with animals, and subsequently started working alongside Hot Diggity!.  When not caring for your pets, Stephanie loves exploring all that is new to her in Oregon: hiking, learning the guitar, nature photography, yoga, rainbow hair colors, and hanging with her own two sweet kitties.

“Spectacular. Stephanie and everyone else at Hot Diggity! was kind, punctual, reliable, easy to work with, organized, and adaptable. She took care of my dog while she was recovering from a medical issue and I had to travel for work. I thought about canceling my trip, but knowing that Stephanie and the Hot Diggity! team was on it gave me peace of mind and made all the difference.” – Nadia W.