Meet the Portland Team

Hot Diggity! believes everyone deserves the love of a pet. We believe in treating our clients as we would treat ourselves, our friends, and our family. We believe our walkers and sitters are the best in the business and we strive to uphold a safe, respectful, fun, desirable place to work. Read on to meet our team of dedicated, Hot Diggity! pet care professionals.

Our Operations Team


Director of Operations

Born in Minnesota, Jill grew up on a small farm in the Midwest where her family raised goats, sheep, ducks, horses, and chickens. Her dad was a biology teacher and there were always interesting animals around the house including snakes, rats and once even a coyote and a flying squirrel. While Jill has lived all over the United States from Florida, to Missouri, to Texas, to California, she is happy to call the state of Washington home. She has owned show dogs as well as “mutts” of all kinds. Currently she lives with her spouse, their cat Chocolate and a dog named Lucky. She holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, an MBA and an M.Div. She is an avid kite flyer &  animal lover; in addition to running Hot Diggity! Vancouver and Hot Diggity Portland.

Life Motto: “the impact we make by being compassionate and caring is more important then money or fame.  Money and fame will come and go, but love is eternal.”  


Customer & Staff Services

Alex was born in Portland, and has lived here most of her life. Growing up, she had a passion for taking care of animals. She had turtles, lovebirds, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, hamsters and even a tokay Gecko. Alex brings over 15 years of exceptional customer service experience to Hot Diggity! and really enjoys helping people and solving problems. She has a vibrant, outgoing, and optimistic personality that really shines. In her spare time she is active in hiking, gardening, and exploring new locations around the city and state. She also loves to travel, she has been to almost every US state, Canada, and Mexico. She also has an 8 year old son that keeps her busy. 


Customer & Staff Services

Kathleen’s whole life has included the love of a variety of animals around her. She grew up in Arkansas surrounded by farms and wildlife. Her own home included horses, dogs, cats, a snake, 2 birds, and a ferret. She began working at vet clinics in high school and continued through some of her college years, where her knowledge and love for these wonderful beings continued to grow. She would also pet sit on the side and sometimes bring home hospitalized animals overnight for extra care. Life eventually pushed her work into a different direction and she began working as a photographer. Her love for the outdoors, great food, city life, and wellness brought her to Portland. Kathleen is taking full advantage of living on the west coast by enjoying hiking, coast trips, shows, great food, the arts, dancing, photography, hanging with her dog, and researching wellness.


Customer & Staff Services

Laura is a born and raised Portlander. She has always loved animals and her family cared for various pets while she grew up – Gerbils & rats, birds, cats, walking sticks, and later a German Shepherd mix. She is grateful for the kindness, gentleness, and comfort that animal friends bring to our lives, and enjoys seeing the special bond between humans and animals.

Currently she lives with her partner and their Chihuahua Papillon, Chevalier as well as their two cats, Freddie Mercury and Prince. She loves to get away to the coast with her partner and pup whenever possible. When she isn’t working, you can find her gardening with her fur family, going for long walks and checking out local shops and restaurants, and spending time with friends and family.


Customer & Staff Services

A California native, Hannah moved to the Portland area to be closer to extended family. She has been working as a pet sitter for over 10 years, and also studied business with a focus in Marketing.  By nature a caring person,

The best part about working with animals is that they take you as you are and welcome you to their world with no judgment based on what you look like or how you act. Goofy, silly, sad, or happy they love you all the time!

When she isn’t taking care of Hot Diggity clients she is loving on her 3 cats, Dylan, Dara, and Daisy, Game Nights w friends, traveling every second she can


Customer & Staff Services

Tiffany was born and semi-raised in Cupertino, California.  Her father was in the Navy she moved around a lot growing up. She was fortunate to grow up around/with a menagerie of animals and discovered she was proficient caring for them, so she started working in pet care at the age of 13.  Eventually she settled in the Portland metro area so she could be closer to her parents and family.  She helps out in the Vancouver and Portland offices.

She is a veracious learner with interests in many subjects from art, to science, history, music, medicine, it’s all fascinating! A kind and loyal friend, which is what she loves about animals because they give unconditional love and companionship. When she isn’t taking care of her furry clients you can find her painting or singing or playing video games.


Customer & Staff Services

Toni grew up on the west coast and has lived all over the state but Portland will always be where they love to call home. Toni has spent over 15 years working with animals in a variety of settings from racing stables to vet clinics. After spending 5 years with us as a care provider they are excited to now be a part of our admin team. When Toni is not working they enjoy exploring the many local restaurants this wonderful city has to offer. You might also find them at any of the local thrift shops or parks throughout town. At home, Toni spends their time tending to their plants and cuddling Meowshmallow their very affectionate cat. You will almost always find them cooking something and they are always happy to share.

Our Pet Care Professionals

West Side


Tigard / South Beaverton / Gardenhome

Austin is a Portland native who has always loved the green state of Oregon. The love of animals runs deep in his family from having cats and dogs at a young age. He and his sister Deanne are actually both pet care providers at Hot Diggity! During the school year Austin works as a substitute teacher, but he is very excited to bring his lifelong love of animals to a new career field. In his spare time, you might find him playing with his roommates puppy Tango or making music on his computer.


West Beaverton / Aloha / Murray Hill

Indy has always had a love for our furry friends. Growing up and living in Oregon she has owned cats all her life. She currently is owned by her kitty named Humperdink. Indy also has a love for our small animal friends and in the past has also owned sugar gliders. Ever since she was a kid she knew she wanted to work with animals. When she was younger she was always curious about dogs, but wasn’t around them much. Working at Hot Diggity she has found her love for all their drooling kisses and tail wags and can’t believe she held out for so long. Walking with all the dogs and visiting all the kitties that come to Hot Diggity gives her such joy and she can’t wait to meet her next furry (or fur-less) pal!

When you find her in the odd times not petting an animal, you may find Indy playing a board or video game, gardening, re-reading a favorite book, or doing a puzzle.

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Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Steven


Bethany / Rock Creek / Elmonica

Hailing from Chicago and Los Angeles, Steven is happy to now call Portland his new home. Growing up, Steven had two dogs which prepared him for taking excellent care of all the Hot Diggity! pets he now interacts with. His favorite routes are the ones that take him and his charges to one of the many awesome dog parks in town. Some pets take longer than others to warm up to a new face, but Steven has shown time and time again that he has the patience and gentle touch to get shy pets to open up and trust him. In addition to playing with dogs, Steven enjoys exploring his new city, going on hikes, planning adventures, and just generally enjoying the beautiful Pacific NW environment.


Aloha / Hillsboro / Beaverton

Born in SoCal, Jennifer arrived to Beaverton in 2018 after completing her degree in graphic design at Cal Poly Pomona for a change from the fast-paced nature of the area. While still in CA, Jennifer already enjoyed walking dogs with WAG, and upon her arrival to Portland, reached out to Hot Diggity to be able to experience the unfettered joy and judgement-free nature of animals in her new home in the PNW. When Jennifer isn’t walking dogs, she enjoys driving through Oregon’s scenic emerald wilderness, or relaxing at home in front of a fire with a good movie playing as the rain falls outside.


NW Portland/Cedar Hill/Sylvan Heights

Joey is originally from Medford, OR, but moved to Portland to go to college where they studied Sociology and Philosophy.  Joey has always had animals around growing up and volunteered at animal shelters. But this is their first
official job with animals.

“Animals are so amazing, how they have the capacity to love without judgement or the need to understand. They simply feel. Plus, they’re adorable and all unique in their own personal quirks. Animals are just fun to be around.”

When Joey isn’t working they are doing art, especially drawing and painting. Or rockhounding and finding cool plants and mushrooms on walks in the woods. Or maybe just enjoying a really good conversation.

Portland Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Whitney


Northwest Hills / Bethany / Cedar Mill

Working with Hot Diggity! is a perfect fit for an animal lover like Whitney! She has had cats, turtles, dogs, reptiles, birds, and fish throughout her life, and was particularly fond of rabbits in the 4th grade. Whitney is always excited to meet a new Hot Diggity! (human) client, but it’s the pets that really make her light up. Since moving from California she misses her four family pups a ton, but dog walking and pet sitting is filling that void. Her modest goal? To meet every dog in Portland!


King City / Tualatin / Lake Oswego

Originally from Portland where he grew up, Jakob returned here from Ohio to be closer to family.  He is currently working on a degree in Zoology.  Jakob lives by the motto “never be afraid to eat weird food.”  Loyal, but a bit goofy, Jakob loves everything about animals, especially how loyal curious dogs are.  He started working with dogs about 5 or 6 years ago working with dog aggressive dogs and got hooked.  When he isn’t out with Hot Diggity clients he loves to kayak and play board games.


Beaverton/SW Portland

Mackenna grew up in Oceanside, CA.  Growing up she often visited Portland and always wanted to live here so she made the move after graduating from high school.

Prior to joining Hot Diggity she attended the Paul Mitchell cosmetology school and did hair for a living until the start of the covid pandemic. By nature, a caring person with a great sense of humor Mackenna has always have always been an animal lover and has been everyone’s go to pet sitter for as long as she can remember.  She loves the unconditional love and natural healing she gets from being around animals.  When she isn’t out walking dogs, she LOVES watching horror movies and is a true crime fanatic.  She also loves karaoke, and crafting.


Lake Oswego / West Portland

A native of Tacoma, Natalie found her way to Lake Oswego via LA. Drawn to the area by its natural beauty and magic she settled down and calls Portland home.  Natalie studied Acting in college and has a degree in the science of alternative medicine.  Her love of animals is a life long love. She grew up with pets in the home and started caring for neighbors pets and volunteering at the humane society while a teen.  Creative by nature, she loves vegan cooking and baking, medical herbalism, and Reiki. She also loves a good fantasy book or scary movie and reading tarot cards.


Beaverton/SW Portland

Grace is from Portland and has been living in North Portland ever since she was 9 years old. Grace lives by the motto, “No rain, no flowers.”  She has had animals around her all her life, or at least as long as she can remember.  She loves how animals can understand you on so many deeper levels than other humans can.  When she isn’t caring for Hot Diggity clients she loves Reading, Psychology, Hiking.



Angela is originally from Montana but moved to the Portland area to be closer to family.  She believes that it is most important to just be yourself.  She has been working with animals most of her life, when she got her dog through a rescue se started doing basic training with her and now, 4 years later she wants to get more training and work with dogs even more. Angela loves how just being around dogs can make you feel happy.


King City/Tualatin/Lake Oswego

Chris grew up on the West Coast and moved to Oregon to be closer to family. Growing up she has looked after many furry friends. She currently takes care of a very sensitive rescue dog named Ollie. She always has a passion for making sure all animals in her care are understood and listened to. When she isn’t attending to animals needs you’ll find her out in nature, studying languages or reading a classic mystery

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NW Beaverton/Aloha

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Downtown/Waterfront/Inner Southwest

Teegan‘s a bit all over the place: she’s a musician, she’s into computer programming, she’s looking to get into nursing school eventually–but when it comes to dogs, she’s singularly focused on making them feel happy and loved. She’s got two adorable chihuahua mixes of her own.


Downtown/Waterfront/Inner Southwest

I am originally from Redwood City, CA, and moved to Portland after graduating from UW in Seattle, where I studied Urban Planning. I live with my 14 year old cat, Holly, and spend free time doing various arts and crafts and spending time with loved ones.


Waterfront/Inner SW/Downtown

Chance is just a small town girl who found her way to Portland. She is currently studying Psychology and Writing/Literature while working with Hot Diggity.  Passionate and caring by nature, Chance has grown up with animals and believes that they can heal you with their unconditional love.  She started pet sitting when she was 12 or 13 and has been caring for pets ever since.  For the last 5 years pet sitting and dog walking has been her profession.  When she isn’t studying or working with pets, Chance loves to hula hoop, hike, skate and snowboard.

East Side


E Portland, Hollywood, Mt. Tabor

In college he studied Sociology and French.  I quiet and reflective person, Ben enjoys running, drawing and drumming. For Ben the great thing about working with animals is “ I am reminded that I am more similar to them than different. I realize I am not separate or above nature, but one of its many creatures coexisting with all the others.”


NE Portland & St. Johns

A Texas native, Barbara also lived in Utah before moving to Portland. For the last 20 years she has called Portland home. She loves working with animals and takes her own dog with her whenever she can. When she is not working she loves cooking, sewing, reading and doing little projexts around the house.


Woodlawn / Piedmont / Arbor Lodge

Originally from Minnesota, where she studied photography and graphic design. Mary came to the Northwest just to see another part of the country and to escape the cold winters. She has had animals her entire life.  Dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, turtles, fish and even a salamander. In her opinion the best thing about animals is that they don’t expect anything from us. They give and want unconditional love. Nothing is better than that.

When she isn’t working she loves to hike with her Aussie Ruby, travel and spend time with family and friends


Cully / Rose City Park / Parkrose Heights

Gio is originally from Miami, FL but came to Portland in 2019 to work in the cannabis industry. He has always had dogs in his life growing up. They’ve been apart of his family for a long time and he has always felt like he has a natural ability to work with our furry friends. When he is not walking dogs, he is an active PC gamer. but he also enjoys going on nature hikes and being in the outdoors, as well as attending concerts.

Sara Joy

Northeast Portland / Alameda / Rose City Park

Sara Joy hails from SE Portland where she has lived her entire life. She grew up in the vibrant Hawthorne District, enjoying the quirky beauty and diversity of the city. A lifelong animal lover, Sara has experience with dogs of all sizes, as well as cats, birds, fish, and rodents. She loves art and photography and spending time with her pug, Archie.


Arbor Lodge / Overlook / Woodlawn

A transplant from Massachusetts whose friends would describe him as goofy, humorous, and a bit Lisa Simpson-y, Matthew’s curiosity about whether people are nicer in the Pacific Northwest (they are, says Matthew!) brought him to Portland, where his interests in filmmaking, political discourse, and vegan living could develop among like-minded folks. After getting his start working with animals at the age of 16 in a local horse stable, Matthew knew he wanted to work with animals in his adulthood as well. He is happy to have the opportunity to get to know the many wonderful pets in HD’s care!


Centennial / Gresham / Rockwood / Montavilla

Neamhain (pronounced Nevin) is a Midwest transplant who’s been living in Oregon for over a decade. They’re in college pursuing a degree in anthropology, and they are a parent to a super-cool kid and two good doggos. They like to take time to smell the roses and love being outside pretty much any time of year. They’ve been around animals pretty much their whole life, and first started working with animals as part of their caregiving work with elderly and disabled clients. They love puns, Sailor Moon, gardening, mystery novels, and crocheting.


Southeast Portland / Mt Tabor / Sunnyside – Belmont

With an affinity for all things outdoors and four legged, Oliver considers growing up in his home state of Oregon as a true blessing. In his free time Oliver can be found playing in multiple bands around Portlands thriving music scene and plugging in wherever needed. “I believe each pet is as complicated yet simple as their human owners, I like to approach every interaction I have with animals as delicately as I would with any person; patience & empathy are key.” 


Southeast Portland / Mt Tabor / Sunnyside – Belmont

Briel was born in Northern California and later spent almost 15 years living in Los Angeles and San Diego. Growing up, her family always had dogs and cats as pets, with the occasional hamster, goat, or pig thrown in. In her teens she began horseback riding and kept that up through her 20’s (and hopes to get back into it some day). While living in Los Angeles Briel worked for, what was at the time, the largest pet sitting company in California. She’s also watched over the pets of various family members, friends, and co-workers throughout the years! Briel moved to Portland in October 2020 and loves living here! She loves the cooler weather, beautiful green outdoor spaces, all the trees, abundant hiking trails, and all the good food that Portland and the surrounding areas have to offer. When she isn’t working she can often be found curled up at home with a good book with her two sweet tabby cats on her lap.


Inner NE & Irvington

 Originally from Northern California relocated to the NE Portland area. Looking for a new adventure she packed up her backpack and headed to Portland with no real destination. She loved it so much that she stayed! Ashley has a degree in accounting and is currently working on a degree in Network Administration.

She lives by the motto “Be kind!” She grew up with animals and started working with them a few years ago. She loves that animals are so trustworthy and nonjudgmental. When she isn’t working to care for Hot Diggity clients she enjoys banjo, Jiu Jitsu, and reading!


NE & SE Portland

Andrea was born and raised in California and then moved to Minnesota for the second part of my life.  Eventually live brought her here where she could be around mountains and the ocean. In college she studied Elementary Education / Science. Kind, Hard Working, Intuitive she believes that we should Respect all life, no matter how small or how big!  She started working with animals as a teenager watch pets for friends and family.  And loves that they love you without judgement. When she isn’t walking dogs, she loves to Exploring nature, science and reading.


Inner NE/SE Float

Mykila is a Portland Native.  While in college she studied Science of Criminal Justice. Energetic, Funny & Outgoing, she believes that Confidence is key. She has been caring for pets since elementary school. The best thing about working with animals is the unconditional love they give. When she isn’t working she likes to go out to eat with friends or family, play video games sometimes for chill time, and working out in between work shifts. Being productive is important.


Gresham/Outer SE

Lisa was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She grew up in Gresham and love being near the city.  She has an Associates degree in film making because she loves behind the scenes stuff in movies and really enjoys documentaries.  She lives by the motto “Make it happen!”

Lisa loves watching videos online of animals being reunited with military owners, stray cats being rescued and given a home, or pets just being funny on camera. She has always been around animals and loves every opportunity to play with them and take pictures of them because they are so cute.



Stella grew up in the Portland metro area and loves calling Portland home.  She has been around animals since she was a small child, but started working with them professionally about 4 years ago. 

She is very athletic and loves being in the outdoors.


NE Portland

Liana is originally from Cocoa Beach, but moved to the Portland area for a change of scenery and to explore new opportunities.  In college she studied marine biology.  She likes to live by the motto “do it while you can.”  In her opinion the best thing about animals is their eyes, they are so expressive.  Since 2006 she has been pet sitting and volunteering at the zoo.  When she isn’t working she is hiking, backpacking, traveling, or scuba diving



Leslie moved to Portland from Madras to go to college. She enrolled at PCC for English Literature with hopes of becoming a writer. She also considered going the psychology route. Her friends describe her as  intelligent, studious, and compassionate. What she loves about animals is how intuitive they are. They feel and sense energy. They immediately spark joy and get happy about the little things. Lastly, she loves the way they genuinely express how/what they’re feeling. They’re honest. Officially, Leslie started working with animals around Christmas of 2019, but she grew up with animals so they’ve always been a part of my life.

Leslie is an aspiring writer who finds insight in nature. As she is going about she will create a poem on the spot or write a story as she walks.



Brendall grew up in Utah and moved to the Portland area to seek out new adventures.  While in college she studied creative writing.  She has been working with animals since she was 19 and loves how friendly and loving they are.  Brendall is energetic and a little funky. She loves bats with a passion and would love to work with them in any capacity.

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this could be you!

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