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We guarantee walks for our established, dog walking clients (actively and regularly scheduling walk clients). Once you are set up and consistently booking walks with us, we guarantee you will always be able to fit in a walk for your dog with at least 48 hours notice. Hot Diggity’s! Availability Guarantee is unprecedented in the pet care industry. We’re here for you!*
*Overnight & drop-in pet sitting, one off dog walking requests, dog running, pet taxis, solo adventures and other special services are available on a first-come, first-serve basis though we strive to cover every request we receive!

While we can’t guarantee it ALL the time, there is a very good chance we can schedule a next day or same-day service. As soon as you know, just let us know and we’ll get to work scheduling it. We have a record of adding same-day services about 90% of the time. (p.s. our pet sitters are rockstars!)

Absolutely! Hot Diggity! strives to support whatever training methodology and routines your pets are accustomed to. To that end, we will follow all the training protocols you outline for us on walks. Want Buster to stop at the corner before crossing? No problem. Should Mollie sit before getting a treat? A-OK. Do you need us to avoid other dog-on-leash interactions? Sure thing! You can share this information a few ways: By updating your pet profile on the portal, showing / telling us at your initial meet & greet, or by uploading training documentation to your account. Please note: our sitters only use positive reinforcement methods (food, treat, distraction, clicker, create training, etc.).

It’s so easy! Simply click here, send an email: [email protected], or call us at 360-602-1750 and tell us a little about you, your pets, and the service types you’re interested in. We’ll set you up with access to your personal client portal, set a time for a new client meet & greet, and you’re on your way. Even if you don’t have an urgent need for services, the sooner you become an established client, the sooner you’re covered by our Availability Guarantee.

Most of the time within just a couple days! As soon as your portal is activated and you’ve had your meet & greet, you can begin scheduling services. Need dog walking or cat sitting the next day after your initial meeting? We will do our best to get you all set up. Please note that next day set up may not be available during Holidays and other high volume areas and times.

Absolutely! Pet Taxi is one of our most helpful services. We’ll come to your home, or workplace, and be sure your pets get where they need to go within our Vancouver service area. Need us to wait for the check-up? No problem, we’ll do a round-trip! Coming home from vacation late, but don’t want to leave your pup at the boarding facility an extra night? Save stress on them, (and cash for you!) by letting us bring them home for you! There’s nothing much better than coming home from a long trip to a sweet pup waiting for you.

Yes and Yes! With Hot Diggity! Pet Goods Delivery, we’re happy to swing by and pick up more food, litter, medication, or birdseed and drop it by on our next scheduled service. Need an unscheduled delivery? No problem! We can do that, too! For rates and information, check out our Services page.

Absolutely, yes. Simply send us list of your favorite foods, brands, and preferred store (organic? great!) and we’ll swing by and do a quick shop before you get home. We only charge a small errand fee + the cost of groceries if the store is within a mile or two of your home. No need to worry about morning coffee, the next day’s breakfast or a school lunch–it’s covered!

For sure! Hot Diggity! believes the best way to grow our business is through word-of-mouth referrals from happy clients. Here’s how Referral Rewards works: Each time you refer Hot Diggity! to a new client who schedules services with us, we give YOU a $20 credit The best news? Referral Rewards are unlimited and transferable across all Hot Diggity! locations. Have a friend in Portland who needs a dog walker? Send them our way! Refer as many folks as you’d like and we’ll reward you for them all. Thank you for spreading the word!

Indeed, we do! I’m glad you asked. We partner with dozens of both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations by offering: company discounts, corporate travel and relocation packages, auction and fundraising donations, special event pet care, and more. If you have an organization or event in mind, please email our Community Outreach Coordinator at vancouv[email protected] and we’ll brainstorm with you to find the perfect fit!

Hot Diggity! pet sitters love all pets! We have experience caring for dogs, cats, birds, chickens, fish, rabbits, goats, llamas, hamsters, rats, pigs, horses, ferrets, reptiles and many other species. So long as your pets do not pose a danger to our pet sitter, and your care schedule abides by our Standards of Care, we’d love to meet them.

Absolutely not! After many years in the pet care industry we realized that extra pet fees are arbitrary, as not all household’s added pets require extra time and care. Because Hot Diggity! values transparency in pricing, we moved to a 100% time-based model—we only charge for the scheduled time it takes to provide quality care to your pets and to follow through on our home care promised. 

Nope! Since many of our services are scheduled one-household at a time, we can care for puppies who haven’t had all their shots yet, or older pups who may still be intact—no problem. Our sitters are sure to wash up before and after visits, so we can visit your pets safely between households. Our only limitation: we will need to skip the dog park and other group outings for now. Don’t fret, those services can be added on once vaccinations are up to date or they’re all healed from surgery.

Sure thing! All our pet care staff will administer medication (pills, drops, supplements) with no charge to you. While we do not charge extra for insulin or Sub-Q fluids, it may be necessary to schedule a re-meet with your sitter to instruct them on how to administer these (if a trained sitter is unavailable in your area). Those re-meets incur a nominal fee of $15/30 minutes. We will always try to schedule a trained sitter first to help you avoid that meeting, if you prefer. Lastly, please note that we cannot administer medication to any animal that poses a danger to our Pet Sitters. Thanks for your understanding!

At this time, our focus is primarily on the in your home pet sitting side of pet care which allows pets to stay in their home environment and on a familiar schedule during your absence. Our goal is to match your routine and schedule, to the best of our ability, so your pets stay happy and stress-free. Check out our Pet Sitting Services page for our menu of options. For more information about the benefits of hiring an in-home pet sitter click here. Remember: We can customize our services to match most any pet care routine your household requires!

We do not offer group/socialization services. But, if you want an outing that is more exciting than a walk, but doesn’t include other dogs, book a Solo Adventure for a one-on-one hike with one of our awesome pet care professionals.

Hot Diggity! has worked to develop a robust client portal which houses all of your pet information, contact information, instructions and household details. It functions as a conversation thread with your pet sitters, manages invoicing, and has email sync functionality. Through the portal you can schedule services, add notes, notify us of any changes, upload documents for your pet sitters, and so much more. If you’re not tech-savvy, no fear. Hot Diggity! is just as happy to answer a phone call or email for scheduling services.
We book all our services in 2 hour windows.  If you have a specific time frame when you would like to schedule a visit, just let us know and we will do our best to arrive as close as possible to that time.

Hot Diggity! tailors our services to fit the needs of your household, thus, the initial meet & greet is a chance to get to know each other better. We’ll familiarize ourselves with you & your pets, their routine, your home, and to go over all the essential details and expectations for care. Our top priority is the health, safety and happiness of pets in our care, thus we want to ensure we form a strong bond from the beginning. Your initial meet & greet is always free of charge for up to 45 minutes with your pet sitter. If you need more time, no problem, it’s just $15 more for every 30 minutes you need to add-on. Once you’ve activated your portal, wrapped up the meeting and confirmed home access instructions, you’re well on your way to scheduling services anytime in the future. That’s all you need to be covered by our Availability Guarantee! If you’d like to meet additional pet sitters, you can schedule future meetings for a nominal fee of $15 per meeting. 

For security reasons, Hot Diggity! strives to keep as few keys as possible in our possession. First we work with clients to find the best ‘keyless’ solution for their home. Here are a few examples:

  1. Setting up a lockbox at your home (you can purchase or rent one from us with a lifetime replacement guarantee, or set up your own)
  2. Access through a coded garage door
  3. Access through a coded digital door lock
  4. Key check-out with building manager or concierge

In the event none of these is an option, talk to us about another arrangement for home access and we can figure out the best method together! Please note that additional fees may apply if keys need to be picked up and returned, or stored and transferred between staff during the course of your pet sit or scheduled walks.

Whenever possible we will work with you to provide care for your pets in your home or when staying else where in our service area. Please contact our office to see what arrangements can be made.

Sure! If your pup would prefer a visit to the park instead of a leash walk, we can do that. If it’s within a mile (or so) of your home, there’s no added taxi fee, just the cost for the length of transport + playtime. Keep in mind: We suggest 45-60 minutes for this service so your pup(s) can get their energy out.

It’s so easy! At the time of scheduling, an invoice is generated on the Invoices Tab inside your portal. Its due date will always be one day after your services are completed (they day you come home from vacation, for instance). At any point during your scheduled services, you can access that invoice and make a payment by credit card via our secure, encrypted, payment system. If you don’t have time to log-in, no worries! When your services wrap up, we’ll also email an invoice for review. After 3 days, if we haven’t heard from you about any potential discrepancies, we’ll simply auto-charge your card on file. Easy as pie. *Please note that some pet sitting services may require a deposit prior to the start of the services which will be applied to your balance. 

Did your sitter do great? Want to leave a tip? Sure! The invoicing system is setup to add a gratuity for your sitter(s), with just 2 clicks, that is distributed automatically based on the % of work they completed for you. How cool is that?

If your pet becomes ill or injured in our care, we’ll assess your pet’s condition, contact you, and work with you (or your emergency contacts) to create an action plan. If you are unavailable, we’ll follow the instructions in your client portal regarding veterinary care protocols. We will always contact your preferred vet(s) first. If none are listed, or they are unavailable, we’ll default to veterinarians we have strong relationships with. Additionally, Hot Diggity! ensures Pet First Aid certified pet sitters are available all hours and all days to support a sitter who may encounter an incident. If you have a specific situation you’d like to discuss, please reach out so we can learn how to best support you.

We prefer to keep a limited number of Pet Sitters assigned to your care. If the person you initially meet isn’t available, a fully trained (and informed) substitute will always be available for back-up. All of Hot Diggity! Pet sitters are well-trained professionals, and are covered by our business liability insurance. If your pup needs to familiarize themselves with each of their caretakers, you can setup unlimited additional pet sitter meetings for just $15/each. We hire only the best of the best so you can be sure your pets and home are in good hands!
*Please note that this might limit our ability to always cover services.

Absolutely! Our invoicing system is setup to add a gratuity for your sitter(s) with just 2 clicks when making a payment. It also automatically calculates a distribution based on the % of work they completed for you. If you prefer, you may also give gifts or gratuities directly to your Pet Sitter during their assignment at your home. They appreciate it!

We sure are! Keep up with Hot Diggity! on Facebook and Instagram to see adorable pet pictures, event announcements, featured pet sitters, contests, giveaways, and more!

Yes, of course! After almost 20 years in the industry, we’ve got plenty. We furnish both company-wide referrals and pet sitter specific contacts. Please let us know which you’d like, and we’ll get you in touch with our clients. In the meantime, you can view company-wide client testimonials here and pet sitter specific testimonials here.

 Yes! Hot Diggity! Dog Walking and Pet Sitting is covered by a commercial bonding and liability insurance policy (one million dollars) offered through Pet Sitters International—the pet sitting industry’s number one trade organization. We’re happy to show you a copy of our policy upon request.

Adding a pet sitter to our team is a rigorous process that requires no less than: three rounds of interviews, two shadow days, a national background check (criminal, civil, driving, and registered offender lists), 3 reference contacts, on the job training, and a limited-access trainee schedule for their initial month with Hot Diggity!. We strive to have the most thorough on-boarding process in the industry. Our hiring team is at your disposal for more information or to field specific questions. You can reach them here.

Great questions! Our portal is designed to limit access by any unnecessary parties. The only people who can see your information are: Our administrative / management staff and the pet sitters who are (or have been) scheduled for services in your home. For most households the number of pet sitters who can view your information is limited to 3-5. For transparency reasons, any message left in the conversation thread is viewable by everyone who has access to your account. This ensures all pet sitters are up to date with changes in routine and all managers can be sure services are being performed to Hot Diggity! standards. When a pet sitter leaves Hot Diggity! for any reason, access to the portal is immediately deactivated and they no longer have access to any information or history, whatsoever. For clients with security concerns, we can limit access even further—just let us know and we’ll work together to help you feel secure.

Hot Diggity! values privacy and security; we understand how essential this is in a trust-based industry like ours. To that end, we never share personal data with any outside companies or sell information to any third party companies. Your contact information will only be used by Hot Diggity! directly. Our credit card processing is done through the industry standard: Authorize.net, and is stored securely, encrypted, and without access by any Hot Diggity! staff. Aside from the last 4 digits of your card number, your credit card information is not viewable or accessible to us in any way once it’s stored in our system. If you have any additional questions, just email us at [email protected] !

  1. Dog Walking, Pet Taxi, and other one-time services: NO FEE if cancelled by 3PM the day before the scheduled walk. 50% cancellation fee from 3PM-10PM the day before your scheduled walk. 100% cancellation fee if cancelled after 10PM the night before. Monthly Walk Clients get one complimentary late-cancellation per month.
  2. Drop-In Pet Sitting Appointments: NO FEE if cancelled more than 72 hours before the scheduled services. 50% cancellation fee if cancelled between 72-24 hours of scheduled start. 100% cancellation fee if cancelled with less than 24-hour notice.
  3. Overnight Pet Sitting Appointments: NO FEE if cancelled more than 5 days before scheduled services. 50% cancellation fee if cancelled between 5 days and 48 hours before scheduled services. 100% cancellation fee if cancelled less than 48 hours before scheduled services. 
  4. Other Services: 50% cancellation fee if cancelled less than 48 hours of scheduled service.

Indeed, we do! Hot Diggity! offers dog walking and pet sitting services 365 days a year with no limitations on service-types or service hours. A few of the major holidays do have a holiday fee of $15/day associated which is paid to your sitter for working through the holiday in lieu of spending time with family and friends.

Mother Nature is a tough cookie, isn’t she! Generally, we follow the protocol above for all cancellations except in extreme circumstances. That said, here are a few examples of exceptions in which case we’ll waive the cancellation fee:

1. If it is dangerous for our sitter to get to your home due to weather, and alternate pet care arrangements can be made.

2. If you cancel because of a legitimate weather incident which renders your workplace closed.

3. If you cancel, preemptively, by 3PM the day before the scheduled walk.

Since late cancellations impact our pet sitter’s earnings, the more consistent their workload, the less turn-over we see in staffing. If our pet sitters can get to your home safely, even in tricky weather, we’d love to keep you on the schedule. Our office often sends out notices during weather emergencies, so keep an eye on your email. If you have an extenuating circumstance, don’t hesitate to reach out!